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At UCF, our motto is “Reach for the Stars.” It pushes us to think big and rethink what's been done so we can discover what's next. Since our founding in 1963, this mindset has helped UCF become one of the most innovative universities in the country, with a sense of entrepreneurship and optimism that is unique to Knight Nation. Our focus on educational excellence and exceptional opportunities gives students a solid foundation to achieve success while at UCF and well into the future.

About This Episode

UCF is a metropolitan research university for the future — and we can be the university of your future. Get the inside scoop on exciting academics, groundbreaking research and memorable campus traditions from students, alumni and faculty across our four campuses. At UCF, you’ll benefit from a diverse community that thrives on the opportunity to grow, collaborate and transform lives.
UCF Segment 01 - Attending a Metropolitan Research University
UCF Segment 02 - UCF Traditions
UCF Segment 03 - Arts At UCF
UCF Segment 04 - Out-Of-This-World Education
UCF Segment 05 - The Future of Gaming Is Here
UCF Segment 06 - The UCF Campus Experience
UCF Segment 07 - The Impact of a College Degree
UCF Segment 08 - Revolutionize The Health Industry
UCF Segment 09 - Champion Academics And Athletics
UCF Segment 10 - Engineering That Makes An Impact
UCF Segment 11 - Make the Most of Campus Life
UCF Segment 12 - Creating A Sustainable Future
UCF Segment 13 - Studying The Sunshine State
UCF Segment 14 - Redefining the Aerospace Industry
UCF Segment 15 - A Hub For Cyber Innovation
UCF Segment 16 - A Hospitality and Tourism Powerhouse
UCF Segment 17 - Access and Opportunity Through Scholarships
UCF Segment 18 - Excellence Is In Our DNA
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