Arizona State University
Metro-Phoenix, plus Lake Havasu and online options
Student Size
53,000+ Tempe campus, 11,000+ Downtown Phoenix
College Type
Public, research intensive, coeducational, residential, online options


Students who choose ASU find an inclusive, supportive community. In fact, measuring ourselves by whom we include, not exclude, is part of our charter.  Our diverse campuses welcome students from all 50 states and more than 130 countries who graduate having made lifelong connections. ASU has been ranked No. 1 in innovation for six consecutive years by U.S. News & World Report. Here students can make a positive impact on the world before they even graduate.

About This Episode

Once students settle into the welcoming community at ASU, they find the resources and support to do some incredible things. Meet some of our students and learn how you’ll have access to outstanding academics and brilliant professors; resources to develop an innovation, entrepreneurial and creativity mindset; mentorship opportunities; and ways to design your experience to make it uniquely your own.

ASU Segment 01 - What Kind of University Does the World Need?
Featured Student: Nikhil Dave
ASU Segment 02 - Finding the Campus that Fits You
Featured Student: Rachael Shantz
ASU Segment 03 - Adaptability During COVID-19
Featured Student: Madeline Salvatierra
ASU Segment 04 - Health and Wellness
Featured Student: Nathaniel Gomez
ASU Segment 05 - Experience World-Class Academics
Featured Student: Lily Baye-Wallace
ASU Segment 06 - Customize Your Experience
Featured Student: Cyrus Commissariat
ASU Segment 07 - Access to Education
Featured Student: Emily Vance
ASU Segment 08 - Residential Living
Featured Student: Emma Broyles
ASU Segment 09 - A Global Mindset
Featured Student: Pauline Nalumansi
ASU Segment 10 - Empowering Veteran Success
Featured Student: Marcus Denetdale
ASU Segment 11 - An Innovation Mindset
Featured Student: Zion Basque
ASU Segment 12 - A Sustainability Mindset
Featured Student: Breanna Fulton
ASU Segment 13 - Community and Support
Featured Student: Jesus Vega
ASU Segment 14 - The Power of Diversity
Featured Student: Xiaona Han
ASU Segment 15 - An Entrepreneurial Mindset
Featured Student: Pooja Addla Hari
ASU Segment 16 - The Scholar Athlete
Featured Student: Kyle Williams
ASU Segment 17 - Growth and Transformation
Featured Student: Jessica Hollock
ASU Segment 18 - Lifelong Learning
Featured Student: Trey Leveque
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