Are the resources free?

Yes, The College Tour resources are always free to everyone who is looking to start their higher education journey. All the resources including free classes and episodes can be found on www.thecollegetour.com

What is The College Tour Class about?

Our free classes are a student’s roadmap to the world of higher education, simplifying college search and research. Each class is self-guided and video-based, featuring segments from The College Tour TV series. Upon completion, students can enter their and your email to receive a review of the answers and a certificate of completion. All classes are FREE and take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete! https://www.thecollegetour.com/free-classes/ 

How do I best engage my students with The College Tour?

It is very exciting to see how counselors engage their students with The College Tour. They print posters around their schools, update their website sharing College Tour assets, post it on Google Classrooms, email the parents, play it during the lunch hour and run different contests between classes.

Can I put The College Tour logo and website link on our high school website?

Yes, you can use this copy for your website. “Learn about the culture of college campuses across the USA through the voices of current students by watching The College Tour TV series (www.thecollegetour.com)”. Download logos here.

Do we have to have an Amazon Prime account to watch it there?

No, you do not need to have an Amazon Prime account to watch The College Tour series. You can also watch all the episodes on The College Tour website.

Do you have any marketing materials that I can share with my students and around high school?

Yes, we have created posters for TCT classes and episodes that you can print and hang in classrooms. Each poster has a QR code that will take them to the direct link on our website.

How can I engage the parents more?

You can send them an email letting them know about The College Tour. Sample email: “Parents, if you are looking to help your child with their college search, there is a TV series that can help. It’s called The College Tour. Every episode tells the story of a new college through the voices of current students. You can stream it for free on their website: www.thecollegetour.com.

I would love for you to feature a specific institution, who do I reach out to?

We love learning about diverse institutions across our country. If you have a particular college in mind please reach out to their marketing or admissions departments and send them to this form and one of our partnerships producers will be in touch: https://www.thecollegetour.com/contact/