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International Student Class

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If you are an international student, then this is the perfect tool for you. In this class we dive into the many resources available to help you navigate your college search in the USA. When finished with your class, please enter your email address. Here we will send you your answers, along with a certificate of completion. You will have the ability to also share your answers with your teacher, counselor, or parents. Click play below to start class now!


Welcome, international students, to The College Tour. If you are looking to study in the US, this class is designed to help you find a college that is the right fit for you! There are approximately 2,500 colleges and universities, along with 900 community colleges in the United States. That’s a lot to choose from, but don’t be overwhelmed – we are here to help. So let’s begin our amazing journey together… sound good? I’ll see you in the next video to begin our class.

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