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If you are a first-generation student looking to attend college, then this could be a great tool for you. In this class, we cover many of the key components in the TCT ‘Core’ Class, but with a focus on first-generation students. When finished with your class, please enter your email address. Here we will send you your answers, along with a certificate of completion. You will have the ability to also share your answers with your teacher, counselor, or parents. Click play below to start class now!


Welcome, everyone to The College Tour’s Class designed for First-Generation Students. I’m Alex Boylan, Co-Founder and Host of The College Tour TV series… and I will be your guide through this class. First off… I want to thank you for being here. Being the first in your immediate family to go to college is exciting, but can also be challenging. Navigating the cost for college, applications, admissions, scholarships, and much more can be very overwhelming, but we are here to help.
This class is video-based. The videos in this class are curated from The College Tour TV series.

How it will work is…

We will pose a question, give guidance on what short videos to watch, and then you will add in your answers from what you learned. The stars of the video segments are your peers. The stories they tell are authentic and real and many of them are also first-generation students.
There are two main goals of this class. #1: We want to help inspire you on your pathway to higher education and help make your college research not so overwhelming. #2: We want to bring colleges and college stories to YOU, especially if you are unable to tour in person. All sound good? I’ll see you in the next video, everyone.

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