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Step-by-Step Guide How to Navigate and Maximize The College Tour

At, we offer a variety of resources to enhance your college research experience. From free classes and comprehensive tour pages of all colleges nationwide to engaging digital series, insightful blogs, and more, we are committed to providing valuable support for you and your students. This toolkit serves as a step-by-step guide on optimizing your use of to inspire and assist your students in their college research journey.

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Interested in a free, personalized newsletter tailored to your school? Reach out to Gabriella at The newsletter provides an insightful overview of The College Tour TV series and showcases our complimentary classes. It’s the perfect resource to share with teachers, parents, and other high school administrators.

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These posters, featuring QR codes, will take you straight to the TCT ‘Tour Page.’ This is a great asset to print out and put up around your high school. With a simple scan, you can find out information about every college, including the 2,500 four year Universities and Colleges and 900 community colleges in America.

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The College Tour team is on a mission to inspire and educate every college-bound student about their diverse higher education options.

We express our sincere gratitude to counselors, teachers, and advisors worldwide who tirelessly guide these students.

If you have feedback, suggestions, or want to share how you use The College Tour with your students, connect with us at We read and respond to every email, and love hearing about how The College Tour is positively impacting your community.

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