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Welcome to The College Tour’s CORE Class. Here we walk through the four pillars of finding the right college for you: Location, Campus Culture, College Type and Majors. When finished with your class, please enter your email address where we will send you your answers, along with a certificate of completion. You will have the ability to also share your answers with your teacher, counselor, or parents. Click Play below to start the class now!

Introduction Video

Welcome, everyone, to The College Tour’s Online Program. I’m Alex Boylan, Host and Co-Founder of The College Tour. The College Tour is a TV series that streams around the world on numerous platforms, including Amazon, Tubi, through The College Tour App, and right here at Each episode of The College Tour tells a story of a new institution through the powerful lens of its students. These are authentic stories from your peers! Content from the TV series is used in this online class.

The College Tour is also a website. It was built to be one of the tools you use when starting your college search! On the website you will find all episodes of the TV series, college ‘Tour’ pages and hundres of videos. The stars of these videos are your peers, real students going to school at these institutions!

At The College Tour, we believe strongly in the power of story. Through stories, we are going help you with your college search.

So how does this program work? This class is video-based, meaning – we will pose a question, give you some guidance on what short videos to watch, and then you will add in your answers from what you learned. The whole class should take roughly 45 minutes to complete. Once finished, you should have a good idea of how best to think about and navigate your college search.

There are two main goals of The College Tour’s Online Class:

  1. We want to inspire you about attending college and help make your college research fun and not so overwhelming.
  2. We want to bring colleges and their students’ stories to YOU, especially if you are unable to tour in person.

Sound good? I’ll see you in the next video, everyone.