Fort Lewis College
Durango, CO
Student Size
College Type
4yr Liberal Arts


Bring your curiosity, your sense of adventure, and your love of life. Feel them become the future you almost dared not dream.


Your classes are small in numbers, but as wide as the world. They rarely end at the classroom door. Your faculty are guides and mentors in this modern life as much as they are teachers of academic subjects. Your peers are collaborators in coursework, and co-conspirators in adventure.


Your campus on the mesa looks over our iconic Colorado town. A town that brings together mountains and desert, concepts and reality, people and their landscape.

About This Episode

Fort Lewis College, located in Durango, Colorado, is a crossroads of education and adventure. This picture-perfect mountain campus celebrates inclusive and experiential learning environments that foster innovation, growth, and community engagement. By graduation, students understand how to make a living, but also how to make a life.


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FLC Segment 01 - Campus Life
Featured Student: Iyahna Calton
FLC Segment 02 - Outdoor Recreation
Featured Student: Nate Decremer
FLC Segment 03 - Diversity
Featured Student: Ally Gee
FLC Segment 04 - Athletics
Featured Student: Ethan Vlchek
FLC Segment 05 - Experiential Education
Featured Student: Jesse Duran
FLC Segment 06 - Location
Featured Student: Tyler Gleason
FLC Segment 07 - Academics
Featured Student: Sadie Wendt
FLC Segment 08 - Housing & Dining
Featured Student: Carson Ingram
FLC Segment 09 - Health & Wellness
Featured Student: Autumn Dehart
FLC Segment 10 - Career Development
Featured Student: Tiarney Andreas
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