Southern Utah University
Cedar City, Utah
Student Size
College Type
4 Year, Regional Public University


Welcome to Southern Utah University, also known as the University of the Parks!  SUU’s safe, residential campus is located in beautiful Cedar City, Utah. 


The caring campus community at SUU puts students first by creating access to a quality education at an affordable price. SUU goes above and beyond to find innovative solutions to help the nearly 13,000 students succeed on campus and online. With more than 140 undergraduate programs and 21 graduate and certificate programs, students are offered world-class, hands-on learning opportunities to gain professional experience giving them a competitive edge before entering the job market.

About This Episode

At SUU, students aren’t just a number, they are the priority. From personalizing the college experience for each and every student, to keeping a 19:1 student to faculty ratio and ensuring students graduate with little to no debt - every decision SUU makes places you, the student, first. We believe a university experience should set students on your path, not stand in your way. SUU disrupts higher education norms to help students graduate faster without mortgaging their futures. Professors teach a career-focused curriculum giving students a competitive advantage for the job market. Whether it’s on the court, online, in the canyons or in the skies, a Southern Utah University experience is designed around what provides the next generation with opportunities to soar.

SUU Segment 01 - Welcome to T-Bird Nation
Featured Student: Hadley Cowan
SUU Segment 02 - The World's Best Backyard
Featured Student: Jessica Eddington
SUU Segment 03 - Peer Mentoring
Featured Student: Tiffany Chin
SUU Segment 04 - Learning To Fly
Featured Student: Preston Rivera
SUU Segment 05 - Life As An Online Student
Featured Student: Sam Nelson
SUU Segment 06 - Diversity At SUU
Featured Student: Dominique Erwin
SUU Segment 07 - Caring Campus Community
Featured Student: Skyler Clark
SUU Segment 08 - Career Prep
Featured Student: Jordan Simmons
SUU Segment 09 - Global T-Birds
Featured Student: Nouman Kante
SUU Segment 10 - You Matter At SUU
Featured Student: Davi Kauweloa
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