Amazon Prime features FAU in new college tour series

Amazon Prime features FAU in new college tour series

UP University Press I February 17, 2022

Students and alumni share their stories on how they have achieved their success on and off-campus and the multiple opportunities they have gained from being on campus in Amazon Prime’s “The College Tour.”

FAU is featured in a college tour series called “The College Tour”, an Amazon Prime series exhibiting universities across the U.S. 

“The College Tour” is shown on 18 different channels according to the creator and host, Alex Boylan, and is a useful source of information on colleges and universities.

“At the end of the day, we want the audience to see what FAU is like at home,” Boylan said.

Boylan is the host of multiple award-winning shows, including “The Chef’s Table” and “Animal Attractions.”

Boylan had the idea to create the show after taking his niece on a college tour in Los Angeles, Calif. two years ago.

“Higher education needs its own television show,” Boylan said to the UP.

FAU is one of 14 schools selected to be featured on the show’s third season based on student life, resource centers, atmosphere, and community. 

The universities featured have reached out to Boylan’s team to get featured in the show; however, FAU was an anomaly of sorts — a senior producer of “The College Tour” reached out to Boylan about FAU.

“FAU is an energetic and dynamic place that not only encourages students to forge their own path but gives them the tools they’ll need along the way,” Boylan said in the episode.

Ten students and alumni provided an inside scoop on what FAU has to offer. 

East Haven, Conn., native Michael Mancuso, a senior multimedia journalism major, was interviewed at the FAU Stadium about extracurricular activities and the on-campus job opportunities for students of different majors. 

Mancuso is involved in the South Florida Journal, a student-produced radio show covering news around the region. 

“Looking up to what I have experienced and accomplished leading up to graduation, I am forever grateful for my Owl community,” Mancuso said.

Junior education major Rhoda Hoods spoke about her time at the First Year’s Connections Mentoring Program. There, she was given a mentor who guided her through her first year of college and helped her with valuable resources through the Center of Teaching and Learning (CTL). 

Hoods advises FAU students to take advantage of the numerous opportunities available. She mentioned the Wilkes Honors College, which offers an all-honors curriculum and a “close-knit community.” 

“After earning my AA degree, I transferred to FAU from a local college. And let me tell you, as soon as I set foot on this campus, I felt welcomed and supported for achieving my goals,” Hoods said.

Felipe Rodriguez, also featured in the episode, graduated in 2021. He mentioned the advantages the Career Center has afforded him thus far in his job search.

When it came to his future career, Rodriguez utilized the Success Network, a group of academic career and financial aid advisors who help students get ready for their next step in life.

“So if I can leave you with some words of advice, it would be to get to know your faculty, meet with your advisors, visit the FAU Career Center, join clubs, and most importantly maximize your social and academic resources,” Rodriguez said.

Boylan’s selection of unique students and alumni shows the diversity of the campus environment and what it is like to be part of the OWL Family. 

“The College Tour” shows FAU’s true nature along with the opportunities that high school students can experience when they come to the campus. 

“I am proud to tell the story of FAU,” Boylan said.

Samantha Sheradsky is a contributing writer for the University Press. For more information regarding this or other stories, email or DM her on Twitter @samtheham132