COMMUNITY COLLEGE MONTH: ‘The College Tour’ an amazing experience

EMERSYN KEEFER Clinton Community College student

Clinton Community College and the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges have helped me in so many different ways, from the amazing, supportive staff and faculty to the hands-on learning experiences.

I became an EICC student at the Clinton campus in 2021 when I was placed in the symphonic band at Clinton High School. Later that year, I was placed in a college-level baking class with my now instructor Chef Lisa. From there on I knew I had found my new passion.

I continued with EICC’s culinary classes when the new Clinton Career Advancement Center opened. The programs are for students in high school to get a head start on college classes while still attending high school. Bonus factor, your high school pays for it!After all of my hard work, I graduated with a culinary certificate from EICC before I even graduated high school.

I applied for a lot of scholarships before continuing my college education, because I didn’t earn money from financial aid. And this just goes to show that you just have to apply. I got my full tuition paid for by scholarships! I am now a full-time student through EICC’s culinary department.

I was also cast in the TV show “The College Tour.” This was an amazing experience where I got to showcase my skills of being a culinary student in front of a screen and also to the whole world now. It was a two-day workshop, I got to write my own script and everything. I talked about how great of an advantage the academy classes are for the schools surrounding EICC.

I am so beyond grateful to have this be my college experience. My story and so many others are why EICC is the communities college!

• • •


“The College Tour” is available to view at Emersyn Keefer along with other EICC students are featured in the show. The series delves into the heart of colleges and universities worldwide, offering an authentic portrayal of campus life, academics, housing, sports and activities.

EICC, along with 18 other U.S. colleges, takes center stage in the show’s 11th season which will start streaming on Amazon Prime in May. Last summer, “The College Tour” sought out community colleges in Iowa, and EICC emerged as a natural choice.

EICC students stepped into the spotlight, auditioning through video submissions that revealed their unique narratives. The filming process was meticulous, with students collaborating on scripts and helping scout locations. The result is an inspiring 30 minute episode that captures the essence of EICC’s mission to change lives and build communities.

By Melissa Thrasher

“Lights, camera, action” takes on new meaning as Eastern Michigan University (EMU) welcomes Amazon Prime’s “The College Tour” on campus. Set against the backdrop of EMU’s vibrant campus, this exclusive episode offers viewers a firsthand glimpse into the dynamic experiences of 10 EMU students as they share their journeys. The episode is slated to air in the fall of 2024.

Hosted by Alex Boylan, contestant and winner of CBS’s Amazing Race, each episode of “The College Tour” tells the story of life on college campuses nationwide. In a creative and informative fashion, each student showcases college life, including academics, sports, career preparation, and more.

Katie Condon-Martin, vice president of enrollment management at EMU, said our participation in “The College Tour” allows the University to showcase students’ achievements and enhancements to the campus infrastructure.

“We want viewers to see the impact of the investments in providing students with the tools and spaces needed to pursue their passions and find a fulfilling career,” said Condon-Martin. Additionally, the students selected for EMU’s episode exemplify the strong connections forged with faculty and staff, demonstrating the supportive environment that defines the EMU experience.”

Aniseh Jaber, a freshman majoring in exercise science, prosthetics, and orthotics, is excited to share her career journey with the program because of her relationships with professors and the resources introduced that will get her closer to her dream.

“I came to EMU because I have always had a passion for the medical field and for building a pathway for people to access health care,” said Jaber. “I want to create a business that gives these (prosthetic) devices to people who need them for free.”

Among the students selected include:

“We hope that viewers walk away from this episode with an appreciation for the opportunities available at EMU and a sense of excitement about the vibrant community and academic excellence that defines EMU,” said Condon-Martin.

Eastern is the first public college in Michigan to participate in the show, which is designed for prospective students. The show inspires them to envision themselves as future Eagles and encourages them to visit campus firsthand. Earlier in the semester, a casting call was made for Eastern students interested in being featured on the program; 10 were chosen out of 80 applicants. Each student leads a segment of the episode that showcases an aspect of Eastern.

The University’s two campuses in Glendale, AZ, and Downers Grove, IL, will both be featured on the program.

Midwestern University will be featured on the Amazon Prime Video series “The College Tour,” an award-winning documentary series created and hosted by The Amazing Race winner Alex Boylan that showcases college and university campuses and students around the country.

Each episode of the show focuses on a different college or university, describing the academic programs, campus life, and educational experiences available from a student’s point of view. The show will follow Midwestern University students through their day-to-day routine, showcasing their backgrounds and their lives on campus. Students will audition for the program based on topics that include their program of study, clinical experiences, interdisciplinary education, research, and more. The show will also showcase the many state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, and clinical facilities available to students on both Midwestern University campuses in Downers Grove, Illinois, and Glendale, Arizona.

“The College Tour” is a groundbreaking TV series developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, when opportunities to attend in-person campus tours were restricted. The show takes viewers on a showcase tour of campuses across the country, telling each school’s story through the diverse lens of its students. Hosted by The Amazing Race winner Alex Boylan, “The College Tour” provides aspiring students a platform to access comprehensive and meaningful information regarding higher education anytime and anywhere, free of charge. “The College Tour” is available on Amazon Prime Video, Freevee, and on

Gwynedd Mercy University has been featured in Season 10 of Amazon’s “The College Tour”, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

The episode provides viewers with an in-depth look at life as a student and highlights the various programs, organizations and opportunities offered at the school.

The College Tour has been described as a groundbreaking series from Emmy-nominated producers Alex Boylan, Lisa Hennessy, and Burton Roberts. Hosted by The Amazing Race winner Alex Boylan, the show travels the country telling the story of each college and university through the diverse lens of its students, giving the viewer an intimate portrayal of life on campus.

“Gwynedd Mercy University is thrilled to share the release of our episode of The College Tour. We are so grateful to the team for showcasing life as a Griffin and what a hidden gem Gwynedd Mercy University is,” added Deanne H. D’Emilio, JD, President of Gwynedd Mercy University.

“Gwynedd Mercy University offers students an extraordinary experience, and we’re so excited to share that on The College Tour,” said Alex Boylan. “For students, choosing which college to attend is a monumental decision, and this episode gives prospective students a first-hand look at what makes this school so special.”

To watch the episode (#11 on the list), you can click here.

Matt Gish of Bemidji is one of 10 students featured in an episode of the Amazon Prime series “The College Tour,” highlighting the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University.

COLLEGEVILLE, Minn. — Matt Gish of Bemidji will be featured in an episode of the Amazon Prime series “The College Tour,” highlighting the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University, set to premiere on May 28.

“The College Tour” was filmed on the CSB and SJU campus in fall 2023 and features 10 students and alums sharing their stories to inspire the next generation of students, a release said.

Gish graduated with a degree in biochemistry and neuroscience from Saint John’s University in 2022. While at SJU, he was a member of the track team and volunteered with the campus EMT squad.

Upon graduation, Gish spent a year in Kenya serving with the Benedictine Volunteer Corps. He is now a student at the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine.

“Preparing for medical school was daunting,” Gish said in the episode. “I’m glad I chose a small, residential, liberal arts community like Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s. The small class sizes and easy access to pre-med faculty mentorship helped me keep on top of coursework and stay on track toward my goals.”

The College Tour: Full Episode

The episode featuring the universities and students is available for viewing on the CSB and SJU website and YouTube channel now and is scheduled to begin streaming on Amazon Prime on May 28.

“Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s are just remarkable places, and taping this episode was a tremendous experience,” Alex Boylan, host of “The College Tour,” said in the release. “From the moment I set foot here, all the crew talked about was how the hospitality is real — we definitely felt it. And when folks watch the episode, they’re going to see it, too, and hear the passion for both institutions and the beauty in which they’re integrated.”

The College Tour TV is a groundbreaking series that brings colleges and universities right to you! Each episode travels to a different school around the country, telling the story of each campus through the lens of its diverse student body. (PRNewsfoto/The College Tour)

The College Tour TV is a groundbreaking series that brings colleges and universities right to you! Each episode travels to a different school around the country, telling the story of each campus through the lens of its diverse student body. (PRNewsfoto/The College Tour)

Published 11:59 AM EST, February 27, 2024

New Season – Now Available on Amazon Prime Video – Offers an Inspiring Look at How Today’s Campuses Foster Student Success

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The highly-anticipated 10th season of the award-winning series The College Tour, from Emmy-nominated producers Alex Boylan, Lisa Hennessy, and Burton Roberts, continues to be the ultimate college search resource with its intimate look at American colleges and universities all told from the perspective of actual students. Hosted by The Amazing Race winner Alex Boylan, The College Tour is a one-of-a-kind show that gives families the freedom to explore all options in higher education without the burden of travel costs or logistics.

“Season 10 is an incredible display of just how many unique opportunities are available to students. No two pathways are alike, and a student can really customize the learning experience that fits them best ,” said host and executive producer Alex Boylan.

Each school featured this season has its own unique identity, yet they all share a common goal: preparing students for success in a comprehensive manner. Whether through diverse learning approaches, internships, research opportunities, study abroad programs, services for student veterans, and more, these colleges are committed to empowering students to thrive both during their college experience and beyond.

Majors explored across this season’s diverse landscape include:

Featured universities include:

“This season captures the breadth of higher education, from HBCUs and Hispanic Serving Institutions to community colleges, tech schools, state schools, religious institutions, and more,” Boylan remarked. “There is a place for every student to shine, and we are privileged to be illuminating that important message.”


The College Tour is a groundbreaking TV series that takes the viewer on an intimate journey through campuses across the country, telling each school’s story through the diverse lens of its students. Hosted by The Amazing Race winner Alex Boylan, The College Tour brings equity to college readiness by providing a platform to access comprehensive and meaningful information regarding higher education anytime and anywhere, free of charge. The College Tour is available on Amazon Prime Video and on

Media Contact:

Samantha Jonas-Hain

(646) 512- 4675

Producers returned to capture life through the lens of Spanish-speaking students

NJBIZ STAFF//February 26, 2024//  

The basics:

After showcasing New Jersey Institute of Technology three years ago, the producers of a series streaming on Amazon Prime Video returned to capture life at the Newark public university through the lens of Spanish-speaking students. It’s also among the first schools featured in the premiere season of “The College Tour en Español,” which is a spin-off of “The College Tour’s” original four-year-old series exploring colleges and universities.

Since September 2020, Emmy-nominated producers Alex Boylan, Lisa Hennessy and Burton Roberts have documented 150 schools, including several in New Jersey: Kean University, Montclair University, Ramapo College of New Jersey, Saint Peter’s UniversitySeton Hall University and UCNJ Union College of Union County, NJ.

The series – which just dropped its 11th season – is a one-of-a-kind show that gives families the freedom to explore all options in higher education without the burden of travel costs or logistics.

oylan, who won Season 2 of CBS’s hit reality series “The Amazing Race,” came up with the idea for “The College Tour” after helping his niece with her college search. From there, he teamed up with Hennessy, one of the original members of Mark Burnett Productions, and “Survivor: Pearl Islands” fan-favorite-turned-travel-host Roberts, to develop a program that tells each school’s story through the voices of students.

From campus life, academics, sports, housing and activities, the student-driven segments give the audience an inside look at what it’s truly like.

In addition to Amazon Prime Video, all episodes are available for free on The College Tour’s website, along with resources designed to make navigating all aspects of higher education a more equitable and less stressful process.

With the Hispanic population representing the fastest-growing minority group in the U.S., The College Tour wanted to produce episodes entirely in Spanish and narrated through the experiences of Latino students.

“Hispanic students play such an important role in today’s education and we felt strongly that it was important to amplify their voices, and also help inspire other Spanish-speaking students to pursue higher education,” Boylan said.

Other schools featured in the first season will include Arizona State University, Community College of Denver and Maricopa Community Colleges, as well as New Jersey’s Kean University.

All of the participating institutions, The College Tour believes, are committed to preparing Spanish-speaking students for success, through innovative learning environments, establishing valuable career connections or offering internship opportunities.

In planning for The College Tour en Español, Boylan said producers were so impressed by NJIT the first time in August 2021 that they knew a return to the Brick City was in order.

“I would say one thing that really stuck out while filming our first season at NJIT, was the sense of community on campus. It is such a hands-on school, and you get the sense that the students really enjoy being there,” he recalled. “We knew we wanted to share their commitment to Hispanic students with the entire Spanish-speaking population.”

Filmed over a five-day period in March 2023, the 30-minute episode gives viewers a look at NJIT’s award-winning research, active student life, NCAA Division I athletics and everything that makes it one of U.S. News & World Report’s Top 50 National Public Universities.

“From the moment you step onto campus at NJIT there is such an incredible energy that stems from the fact the students are thriving here. You can tell that they feel supported by the staff and excited by the opportunities around them,” Boyland said of spotlighting the school for The College Tour en Español.

In addition to Amazon Prime Video, NJIT’s episode can be viewed on the university’s YouTube page.

Bob Medina, a member of NJIT’s Class of 1975 and the first-ever Hispanic to chair the university’s board, believes the production is an effective way to connect with students — especially ones from Spanish-speaking families.

“When it comes to the Hispanic Latinx culture, parents have a big say because these are first generation students going to college,” said Medina, who was also the first in his family to earn a college degree. “So, it’s important that we convince the parents, as well.

“Most of the students that come to NJIT are proficient in English. It’s really more directed at parents who maybe don’t speak English very well or feel more comfortable in Spanish,” he said. “And, it’s showing them ‘NJIT is a great place, a safe place and a place that their kids can call home and get a good education.’”

“Hispanic culture is very family oriented, and I know a lot of parents, particularly of first-generation students, want to keep their kids close to home, keep them protected and make sure that they have a welcoming atmosphere,” he said. “I think they did a fantastic job. A lot of times when productions are done in Spanish, they’re just a translation of the English version. Sometimes they come across and sometimes they don’t because they don’t capture the essence of what they’re trying to do,” he said. “In this case, I was impressed the whole production team was Spanish or spoke Spanish. I think they brought a reality to the culture that they were trying to capture.”

Making the grade

The College Tour en Español comes shortly after NJIT was designated by the U.S. Department of Education as a Hispanic-serving institution, which was a major goal in the school’s latest strategic plan.

The new HSI status, which is reserved for colleges and universities with enrollments of full-time, Hispanic undergraduate students of at least 25%, highlights NJIT’s commitment to diversity, as well as unlocks several new funding and educational opportunities.

In the U.S., about 20% of colleges – roughly 570 schools – are Hispanic-serving institutions, including more than a dozen in New Jersey: William Paterson UniversityMontclair State University, Kean University, Atlantic Cape Community College, Bergen Community College, Essex County College, Hudson County Community CollegeMiddlesex CollegeNew Jersey City University, Rutgers-Newark, Saint Elizabeth University, Saint Peter’s University, Seton Hall University and UCNJ Union College of Union County, NJ.

Considered key in helping serve a marginalized population, HSIs enroll about 1.4 million Latino full-time equivalent undergraduate students, which represents about 62% of Latino undergraduates, according to advocacy group Excelencia in Education.

Over the past five decades, NJIT has transformed from a commuter school teaching applied engineering skills into one of the nation’s preeminent polytechnic institutions, offering degrees in engineering, architecture, management, computing, science and select humanities degrees.

One of only 32 polytechnic universities in the United States, NJIT prepares students to become leaders in the technology-dependent economy of the 21st century through its multidisciplinary curriculum and computing-intensive approach to education.

As a result, NJIT attracts talented students and faculty, produces graduates who are in demand in the job market, carries out high-impact applied research and fosters close partnerships with industries that drive local, state, national and global economic growth.

The public university now enrolls more than 13,000 undergraduate and graduate students, conducts more than $170 million in research activity each year and has a $2.8 billion annual impact on New Jersey’s economy.

Its many recognitions include an “R1” status – the highest possible ranking – in the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education for research productivity, as well as top spots on several lists, including U.S. News & World Report’s top 100 universities, Forbes’ best schools for student upward economic mobility and The New York Times’ great working-class colleges.

Another recent accolade came from the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce and African American Chamber of Commerce, which applauded NJIT as an Emerging Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Influencer in the chambers’ annual Trailblazer Awards program.

The latest honor is a testament to the university’s continued work to attract, admit and enroll a diverse population of students who can succeed. Such efforts enabled the university to welcome its most diverse first-year class ever this past fall, with underrepresented minorities comprising half of the class. The number of first-year students identifying as Black has nearly tripled since 2013 and Hispanic first-year enrollment exceeded 30% for the second year in a row.

Between Fall 2019 and Fall 2023, total Hispanic undergraduate enrollment at NJIT rose from 1,827 to 2,551, according to the school.

Learning from anywhere:

NJIT was among 20 New Jersey universities that were recently ranked on U.S. News & World Report’s 2024 Best Online Programs list. Click here to read more or click on the chart below for a quick glance.

U.S. News & World Report's 2024 Best Online Programs

In 2023, NJIT also earned the federal designation that serves Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander students and landed a $1.94 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to ease the transition of such students into college.

Commenting on the goal of becoming a Hispanic-serving institution, Medina said, “That strategic plan came out around 2020. At the time, I had a discussion with the provost and said, ‘If you want to achieve that goal – there’s two ways we could do it. We can just wait and see, because the demographics are such that the Hispanic/Latinx population is growing pretty rapidly in New Jersey.’ Or we could take a proactive approach to making sure that we get there and when we get there, it’s a sustainable type of a program.”

As part of that strategy, Medina co-founded the Hispanic and Latinx Leadership Council to advise, counsel and support NJIT’s drive to increase its percentage of Hispanic and Latinx undergraduates from 20% to 25% by 2025 to qualify for federal designation as an HSI.

The 11-member group – which includes leaders in business and community advocacy as well as alumni – also works to deepen relationships with Hispanic and Latinx businesses, organizations and NJIT graduates.

Medina, who co-chairs the council, described the designation “as a great achievement” and “reflection of the great diversity that we have here at NJIT.”

“It will also provide a form of federal funding for programs to encourage more students to follow a STEM education and also to provide the support that’s needed,” said Medina.

After profiling over a half dozen higher education institutions across the Garden State over the last few years, Boylan described the state’s schools as “incredible.”

“As someone from Massachusetts, it feels like home to me. The students who come here from in and out of state are very lucky, and really in my opinion, have access to so many amazing career opportunities,” he said.

Going forward, Boylan said The College Tour’s dream is to do an episode for each of the thousands of four-year schools and community colleges across the U.S.

When it comes to selecting which schools will be next, Boylan said it “always has to do with outreach.”

“We love when a school approaches us, and we also reach out to schools, as well,” he said.

Ramapo’s cameo

At Ramapo College of New Jersey, school officials sought out The College Tour to visit the Mahwah-based public liberal arts school, according to Lisa Ambrose, Ramapo’s director of communications and public relations. While a number of factors go into attracting, recruiting and enrolling students, Ambrose said that The College Tour episode “played a role in the increased interest in Ramapo College.”

In Fall 2023, Ramapo enrolled 5,521 students — its largest class since 2019 and second largest in college history, she noted.

“We also have received more applications (8,500 and counting!) this year than ever in college history,” Ambrose said.

After Ramapo’s "The College Tour" episode was released in fall 2022, the school used it on the road at high school visits and college fairs, in email communications and other events, Director of Admissions Anthony Dovi said.
After Ramapo’s “The College Tour” episode was released in fall 2022, the school used it on the road at high school visits and college fairs, in email communications and other events, Director of Admissions Anthony Dovi said. – PROVIDED BY RAMAPO

“Ramapo College has long held the moniker of being a ‘hidden gem’ in New Jersey. Dr. Chris Romano, vice president for strategic enrollment, outreach and engagement, connected with The College Tour to learn more about the process after recognizing the potential to raise the visibility of Ramapo College. He also saw the value from a marketing and recruitment perspective since peer-to-peer content is very relatable to the prospective student audience,” said Ambrose, who also helped produce the segments. “The ability to showcase an array of opportunities in a dynamic and engaging way was enticing. For us to execute storytelling with this production quality, coupled with the exposure to much larger audiences on platforms where we could not have space on our own, the decision essentially made itself.”

She continued: “It was a no-brainer for us to make this happen so that New Jersey, and the world, would learn about all we have to offer as a public liberal arts college.”

After Ramapo’s episode was released in fall 2022, Ramapo’s director of admissions Anthony Dovi said the school used its episode on the road at high school visits and college fairs, in email communications and other events.

“The College Tour video series are great assets for promoting the college brand, success stories, and overall student and academic life on campus,” he said. “For those who cannot visit campus, especially international and out-of-state students, the videos serve as a great tool to learn deeply about our location, our buildings and campus, student activities and residence halls, and more.”

Editor’s note: This story was updated at 4:33 p.m. ET Feb. 26, 2024, to include the complete name of UCNJ Union College of Union County, NJ.

The Bennie Johnnie Experience on the Big Screen

February 5, 2024

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University are making history as the first two colleges in Minnesota to be featured on the Amazon Prime TV series The College Tour.

And members of the CSB and SJU campus communities will be first in line to view the finished episode.

A premiere watch party is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 8 in the Benedicta Arts Center’s Escher Auditorium on the CSB campus. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. with a red carpet entrance. The watch party itself is scheduled for 7 p.m. and an all-community afterparty follows at 8 p.m.

The first 50 students through the door will receive VIP seating and swag bags. Everyone in attendance will have the chance to win a free iPad. No ticket is needed to attend the event.

“We believe this episode perfectly demonstrates the Bennie-Johnnie experience students have on our beautiful campuses – surrounded by a supportive community,” said Cory Piper, the dean of admission at CSB and SJU.

“It comes at exactly the right moment. With Strong Integration as our focus and priority, and having just celebrated the inauguration of our first joint president (Brian J. Bruess, Ph.D.), it’s such a joyful time and such a meaningful period in the history of both our schools.”

More than 30 students auditioned to be part of the cast of four Johnnies and four Bennies (as well as one recent alum of each school) who share their stories in the episode. Auditions were held last September. The film and production crew of the program – which is now in its 11th season – arrived in early October, spending five days on the two campuses shooting interviews and footage for the 30-minute episode.

“Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s are just remarkable places and taping this episode was a tremendous experience,” the show’s host Alex Boylan said. “From the moment I set foot here, all the crew talked about was how the hospitality is real – we definitely felt it. And when folks watch the episode, they’re going to see it, too, and hear the passion for both institutions and the beauty in which they’re integrated.”

The episode will become available for viewing on the CSB and SJU website, YouTube and The College Tour website early this month, and is scheduled to begin streaming on Amazon Prime on May 28.

“Being in front of a camera, and getting the chance to share my story with a wide audience, provided me with a lot more confidence and belief in myself,” said cast member Ashley Tarrolly, a CSB senior and economics and finance major who is a member of the Bennie tennis team, founded the On-Campus Entrepreneurship Club and will graduate with honors this May.

“When I gave my capstone presentation at the end of the last semester, I thought back on my experience with The College Tour and it helped.”

Fellow cast member Kobe Forbes, a sophomore who came to SJU from The Bahamas, hopes sharing his experience will benefit other potential students from similar backgrounds.

“I thought it would be helpful for other international or POC students to hear from someone like me about what my experience has been like,” said Forbes, a physics major who is an engagement specialist at the Center for Student Leadership and Engagement and serves as a student senator.

“So I decided to shoot my shot. I wanted to let people know Saint John’s is not your ordinary, average college. The community we have, and the many different activities and clubs we offer, makes this place special. We support each other as Johnnies. There are so many friends you make here who have your back.”

Piper hopes the episode spreads the word about everything CSB and SJU has to offer to an even wider audience.

“We understand the expense of travelling to tour colleges can be a lot,” she said. “Our episode on these platforms allows us to share our story with a wide range of families and students nationally and internationally who will be able to watch from their homes. Our hope is that they’ll love what they see and come visit us!

“CSB and SJU’s strong integration is an incredibly unique model. Other schools that have been featured are one institution with one central campus. We’re two campuses and communities bonded together. We want to share that story and I believe our episode does that beautifully.”

Tusculum University to be featured on “The College Tour” TV show

By News Channel 11 – WJHL | Jan 11, 2024

Tusculum University President Dr. Scott Hummell and Tusculum Student Stephen Brewer, discuss the school’s appearances on “The College Tour” on Amazon Prime Video. and the big Orange Carpet premiere event taking place at the Capitol Theatre on Thursday February 8th!