¡Bienvenidos a ASU!

Ever since we filmed the Spanish language episode of Arizona State University, I have been incredibly excited to share it with the world and let Spanish-speaking families know that not only are their voices being heard, but their stories are being told on campus in their own language. It goes beyond inclusivity; it’s about celebrating a culture and shining a light on the amazing accomplishments happening within this community at this very moment.

I am so proud to finally share this episode of The College Tour with you! In it, we feature students like Lilli, who is pursuing her PhD in Engineering Education Systems and Design at ASU’s Polytechnic campus, and first-generation student Pedro, who is a Barrett Honors student at ASU’s Tempe campus. Each student’s journey is a testament to their passion and perseverance, and sure to inspire.

Being back at ASU, which we featured in Season 1 of The College Tour, was an incredible way to continue the mission we started just a few years ago. Each student in this episode represents the power of education and how dreams can be more than that; they can become reality. While each one of their paths looks different, the common thread is their determination. We see Jocelyn discussing her initial concerns about affording college and Ivan’s academic journey, which took him all the way from Chihuahua, Mexico, to ASU, and even sitting down with Congress in Washington, D.C. Student after student, we come to learn just how important and meaningful education can be.

It is such a privilege to be trusted with these stories, and it is a responsibility that we don’t take lightly. With more Spanish language episodes to come, our wish is for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. ¡Deseamos que se sientan, se relajen y disfruten del espectáculo!

Arizona State University (en Español) - Full Episode | The College Tour

Samantha Jonas-Hain

Samantha Jonas-Hain is a seasoned writer, producer, content creator, and marketing strategist that has worked for companies like FOX News, Good Housekeeping, WE tv, and other major media outlets. She is a mom of three wonderful kids, who keep her young while also inadvertently make her feel old on a daily basis.