Empowering Foster Care Students on their College Journey

The road to college is often an intimidating journey, especially for foster care students who may not have the traditional support systems that many of their peers do.  From affordability and housing to access to mental health and academic support resources, these students are looking at much more than just the right major or location…they are looking at what will holistically make the most sense for them as they venture onto what will be a new chapter of independence, and TCT is here to help them!

While many states provide academic grants, scholarships and other paid pathways to higher education, the first step for any foster care student is to familiarize themselves with what their specific state offers. We recommend checking out the Tuition Waivers by State page provided by the University of Washington Tuition Waivers By State | Foster Care and Higher Education (washington.edu). This site provides an amazing starting point, and we suggest following-up by contacting your state to see if there are additional resources or benefits that can ease your financial worries.

Next up, students can start to really narrow down the “where” part of their college search by using our Tour Page, which allows students the ability to filter colleges by state. Some states even allow foster care students the ability to use vouchers to learn in a different state, so this can be an exciting way for them to explore schools both near and far.

Beyond finances and location, the transition to college involves navigating new living arrangements and adapting to campus life. The College Tour provides so much information on student housing options, ensuring students find accommodations that suit their preferences and needs. This is where our digital  series Dorm Tours and The Campus Culture section of our The Core Class really comes in handy, helping students find not just the right school but the right place to make their home. 

Also, with the Core Class foster care students can watch videos about meaningful school resources such as mental health support, career and internship opportunities, and community making sure they are finding an environment that is providing the extra layers of support needed to ensure success.  They can even watch digital series like Coffee with the President, Ask Admissions and Navigating Financial Aid to get an even more in-depth feel of a school culture and their dedication to empowering their student body academically, socially, financially and beyond.

What started as a way to bring equity to college readiness, has turned into a pivotal resource that is being used internationally as a way to close the education gap. The College Tour TV series and website is more than just a “peak behind the curtain” it is your college prep partner. Through the TV Series, Tour Page, Blog, Classes and Digital Series, we are here to take out the guesswork, and bring the excitement to higher education. And best of all.. You can use The College Tour anywhere totally for free!

Samantha Jonas-Hain

Samantha Jonas-Hain is a seasoned writer, producer, content creator, and marketing strategist that has worked for companies like FOX News, Good Housekeeping, WE tv, and other major media outlets. She is a mom of three wonderful kids, who keep her young while also inadvertently make her feel old on a daily basis.