Parents, The College Tour Is Here to Help! Four Ways to Support Your Child With Their College Search

We know that getting a teenager to focus on college research can be challenging, which is why we decided to speak their language – using videos and peers – to get the job done!

With The College Tour, young people can tune in and gain real-life college perspectives directly from actual students on campus. These videos are the perfect tool for capturing their attention and helping them better understand what to look for in a college. It delivers the information to them in exactly the way they like to absorb content.

Now that you’ve piqued their interest, here are 4 ways to keep them engaged during their research.

  1. Share this list of all the colleges featured in The College Tour TV series with your child. In this spreadsheet there is a tab to search by TV SEASON or you can search by STATE.  There are over 110 episodes on colleges across 36 states. Each week more are added. We have episodes on big state Universities, small private Colleges, Community Colleges, HBCUs, Christian Colleges and even episodes in Spanish language. 

2. Watch The College Tour episodes as a family. For example, make Sunday night “College Night,” and watch 2-3 episodes together. Afterward, discuss what you all learned. Even if your child isn’t interested in attending the college featured in the episode, you will still gain valuable insights. You can watch episodes on our website or directly on Amazon Prime.

3. Encourage your child to take the TCT self-guided-video-based class.  It’s also great for you to take it as well.

  • Here is a video from our Host Alex explaining the class.
  • Estimated time to complete – 45 minutes.
  • Here is a link to the class.
  • The Class helps students think and learn about the following four pillars:
    • College Location
    • College Type
    • Culture of the College
    • Majors

  1. Encourage the Counselor in your child’s high school to add The College Tour into their toolkit. This way, other students and parents can use this valuable resource to help find the right school.

We are hopeful that the resources and suggestions provided above will assist your child in embarking on this exciting new chapter in life. Here at The College Tour, we strongly believe in the transformative power of higher education and are committed to supporting your family throughout this incredible journey.

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