Staying Connected: Nurturing High School Friendships Across College Distances

how to choose a college major

As students embark on their college journeys, how to choose a college major becomes a pivotal decision shaping their academic and professional paths. Amidst this exciting transition, it is equally crucial for them to stay connected with their childhood friends. Balancing the thrill of new opportunities and personal growth with maintaining cherished friendships requires deliberate effort.

It’s important to make time for regular check-ins, schedule virtual hangouts, and plan visits during breaks. By striking a balance between exploring academic interests and nurturing meaningful relationships, students can navigate college campuses and the overall experience with a sense of fulfillment and support from both their chosen majors and their lifelong friends.

Let’s explore a few ways to stay connected and nurture high school friendships across college distances.

Visit Each Other at University

In the process of traveling during college, one must engage in careful planning and budgeting. Booking in advance and searching for affordable flights are essential steps, while remembering to bring a sleeping bag can be beneficial. Visiting a friend at their college provides a unique opportunity to experience a different lifestyle and explore new locations, both within the country and abroad.

This experience also fosters a deeper connection with the friend, as one gets acquainted with their daily routine, living space, and social gatherings. Being a part of their new circle of friends allows for an integration into this significant phase of each other’s lives.

Start a Group Chat

A group of high school friends can easily stay in touch through a group message chain on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, TikTok, or other platform that allows for easy and free messaging.

A group chat can keep the conversation flowing at all hours, and allow for both quick check-ins or longer stories. Group chats can be a place to vent, get advice, share pictures, or even send a quick meme to brighten a friend’s day and remind them that you are always there for them – no matter how many miles are between you.

Schedule Video Chat Dates

The pandemic inspires the rise of Zoom, Skype, and Facetime gatherings – and it’s a perfect way to connect with friends from afar! Consider setting up regular video chats with friends. When looking for deeper ways to engage with the group, start a Zoom movie night or book club discussion, something you can look forward to from month to month.

how to choose a college major

Write Letters

Yes – hard copy letters! It might seem alien in our digital age, but receiving mail feels far more intimate and personal than a simple text message fired off in a moment of distraction. It also forces the writer to take their time and focus on their words, and it’s fun to include photos, comics, articles, or drawing that can be treasured forever.

Plan a Group Trip

With everyone scattered to the winds, it might make more sense to travel to a totally neutral location for a visit rather than pick one person’s college over the other. Consider making brand new special memories with your pals while vacationing together in a brand-new locale! Nothing says bonding like a road trip. Or perhaps pick an inexpensive location with a fun Airbnb for an affordable but memorable spring break adventure!

In Conclusion

While it can be challenging to be separate from high school friends across college distances, with a little effort teens and young adults don’t have to totally lose touch.