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The College Tour TV Series Makes Higher Education Accessible to All

By Samantha Jonas-Hain, Edutorial Nigeria I October 8, 2022

International students seeking meaningful information about higher education abroad, are no longer bound by geography thanks to The College Tour TV series and website, which give students an up-close look at colleges and universities through the lens of their diverse student body. The College Tour is also an incredible online resource that gives people tools to decide which school will work best for them. All episodes of the series are available to stream on Amazon Prime and are also available for free on The College Tour app and website, giving unprecedented access to information, regardless of your location or finances. This is the ultimate in equity, and they are having a profound impact on students around the world.

“The goal was to create a show that can be seen by anyone, anywhere. It is not always possible to travel and look at a school, and it is extremely important that international students are afforded the same access to information as anyone else so they can make smart decisions about higher education based on their own individual needs,” said host, co-creator, and executive producer Alex Boylan.

Boylan, who won The Amazing Race, teamed up with Hollywood powerhouse Lisa Hennessy and Survivor finalist Burton Roberts to create a groundbreaking show that is now being used by counsellors and teachers as an educational tool to motivate students about higher education.

“Counselors have reached out letting us know that because of our show many students are choosing to further their education by attending college. We even created free classes on our website to help students choose the right school that will work best for them,” added Boylan.

One of the most unique free classes they offer is one specifically designed for first-generation college goers, who often feel lost, and overwhelmed throughout the process. Parents who didn’t attend college are using the class, as well, to help them guide their children and be part of the decision-making. Other classes include an international class, majors , and their “core” class which breaks down what to look for in a college.

The site also has additional resources, such as digital series and blogs that talk about everything from financial aid to the admissions process. The whole point is to take away the stress and replace it will be easy to understand information. They are also dedicated to showcasing a wide group of voices, so everyone watching can have the chance to relate and feel represented. From first-generation collegegoers to international students and students with autism or hearing impairments, every group is seen and celebrated for their own success.

“I’m so happy I got to experience such an amazing college setting. It has shaped me into being a more active, well-rounded individual with a global mindset and a diverse perspective on the world,” said Nigerian transfer student Binta Olabisi, who was featured in the Florida International University episode. Olabisi, spent three years at FIU, graduating with a BA in Economics, after having served as vice president of the Undergraduates Economic Club, member of the National Business Honor Society and member of Tau Sigma National Honor Society.

The College Tour is now filming its 7th season and continues to dedicate itself to ensuring a brighter future for today’s students.  To view episodes, watch digital series or take The Class, please visit Home –