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Amazon show spotlight brings excitement to UM campus

By Sierra Ryder, NBC Montana I February 10, 2022

MISSOULA, Mont. — The University of Montana was recently featured in the Amazon Prime show “The College Tour.”

The show features 20 students giving a glimpse into life as a Griz student and life in Montana.

University administrators are excited for what this spotlight will bring for the school.

“Its really exciting to be the first and only Montana school featured on the college tour,” said UM vice president of marketing Jenny Petty.

The show provides a new way for students to visit campus virtually, something that has become an important piece of admissions during the pandemic the past two years.

“We’ve seen a big uptick in people seeing our virtual tour on the website, and this will be another piece of content we can share, not only on Amazon, where it’s streaming, but on our social media channels and our website,” said Petty.

The school has seen growth in the past year for enrollment. Its most recent class boasts a 30% increase in enrollment.

“The College Tour” may help the class of 2026 and beyond meet those numbers as well.

“We are definitely hopeful it will have an impact on enrollment,” said Petty.

One of the students featured in the episode, Addie Slanger, is a third-generation UM student. She is excited at the prospect of inspiring a new fresh crop of potential Grizzlies.

“I wanted to share how much joy and fun and learning UM as a whole has brought me. I love this school so much, so I was like if there is any chance to shout from the rooftops how much I love the college and the journalism school, I want to take it,” said Slanger.

The episode is streaming now on UM’s YouTube channel and Amazon Prime streaming services.

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