The college student from Lititz showed off his college campus at a new streaming show. Watch this video | Entertainment by Richard Patterson | September 10, 2021

If Anthony Lago, a sophomore at Delaware Valley University, decides to change her major from small animal science, he should consider public relations.

Rago of Rititz will appear as part of “The College Tour”. This is Amazon Prime’s 30-minute program that allows you to see inside the university campus directly with your student account.

The episode of “College Tour” hosted by Alex Boylan, the former winner of the reality show “The Amazing Race,” focuses on Delaware Valley University, a private university with about 2,000 students in Doylestown, Bucks County. I’m guessing. This episode features several students who share the excitement of college experiential learning programs, sports teams, and clubs.

During Lago’s energetic segment starting at the 25:30 mark in the video, he-literally-Delaware Valley University-or flips over to Delval as colloquially known.

Rago begins by sharing how he developed his passion for working with animals after being inspired by the late zookeeper and television personality Steve Irwin. His passion for caring for animals is evident, as the entire video shows that he deals with several different species of wildlife. And in the video, Lago states that what drew him to college was immediate access to direct experiential learning.

The Department of Small Animal Science also provides him with future travel opportunities around the university, such as a trip to Australia in collaboration with local veterinarians and wildlife and a trip to Indonesia in collaboration with aquatic wildlife, a future specialty. It also mentions the excitement of.

Lago also mentions his involvement with the Students’ Union and his dedication to leadership. A student treasurer and president’s class in 2023, the school’s involvement in leadership development helped shape his own leadership style and ability to inspire others.

The College Tour: Full Episode - Delaware Valley University