COMMUNITY COLLEGE MONTH: ‘The College Tour’ an amazing experience

EMERSYN KEEFER Clinton Community College student

Clinton Community College and the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges have helped me in so many different ways, from the amazing, supportive staff and faculty to the hands-on learning experiences.

I became an EICC student at the Clinton campus in 2021 when I was placed in the symphonic band at Clinton High School. Later that year, I was placed in a college-level baking class with my now instructor Chef Lisa. From there on I knew I had found my new passion.

I continued with EICC’s culinary classes when the new Clinton Career Advancement Center opened. The programs are for students in high school to get a head start on college classes while still attending high school. Bonus factor, your high school pays for it!After all of my hard work, I graduated with a culinary certificate from EICC before I even graduated high school.

I applied for a lot of scholarships before continuing my college education, because I didn’t earn money from financial aid. And this just goes to show that you just have to apply. I got my full tuition paid for by scholarships! I am now a full-time student through EICC’s culinary department.

I was also cast in the TV show “The College Tour.” This was an amazing experience where I got to showcase my skills of being a culinary student in front of a screen and also to the whole world now. It was a two-day workshop, I got to write my own script and everything. I talked about how great of an advantage the academy classes are for the schools surrounding EICC.

I am so beyond grateful to have this be my college experience. My story and so many others are why EICC is the communities college!

• • •


“The College Tour” is available to view at Emersyn Keefer along with other EICC students are featured in the show. The series delves into the heart of colleges and universities worldwide, offering an authentic portrayal of campus life, academics, housing, sports and activities.

EICC, along with 18 other U.S. colleges, takes center stage in the show’s 11th season which will start streaming on Amazon Prime in May. Last summer, “The College Tour” sought out community colleges in Iowa, and EICC emerged as a natural choice.

EICC students stepped into the spotlight, auditioning through video submissions that revealed their unique narratives. The filming process was meticulous, with students collaborating on scripts and helping scout locations. The result is an inspiring 30 minute episode that captures the essence of EICC’s mission to change lives and build communities.