Living Learning Complex (with Miracles Gillespie and Beverly Opoku)

Dorm Tour #3 from The University of Memphis

Come on over to my bed. Me and my roommate, we decided to pick our own colors. We said gray and white is the base color. And I decided yellow, if you can’t tell, yellow is my favorite color ever. That’s why I have the yellow carpet. I have this yellow pillows…

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Dorm Tours, at The University of Memphis. You are currently in the Living Learning Complex. My name is Miracles and welcome to my dorm!

First up, we have where I like to sit the most. I have my makeup session and then I have some school stuff. My Bible, some journaling. I love journaling. I love affirmations. I love motivational quotes. Anything motivational I want. So they bring you up to my calendar. This is how I attempt to stay organized. It doesn’t always go as planned, but I try to put everything I do. I color code my work schedule. Schoolwork is on there. I’m here. I have my motivational quotes, affirmations, and Bible scriptures just to kind of keep me motivated on low days cause cause I can be tough some days.

And going over to my bed, me and my roommate, we decided to pick our own colors. We said gray and white is the base color. And I decided yellow, if you can’t tell, yellow is my favorite color ever. That’s why I have the yellow carpet. I have these yellow pillows. I have actually quite a few yellow pillows. It goes back a little bit.

And I have these yellow paintings. I love them. Yes, I love them. I want to be yellow. And so he also likes to be like, really light at the room because it gets dark really early here, like around 5:00. The light is just kinda keep us up and I go to sleep so early, kind of motivates us to get stuff done.

And so, you know, here’s my bed. I think my bed is one of the most important parts of my room. My pillows are my favorite part of my room. It’s like, this where I sleep! And so my sleeping place has to be the best place ever. Like, come on. So over here is my closet. You can see I’m in love with bed.

I love everything colorful. So this is my house. Row again is a part of sleeping. So it has to be great and comfortable. And it’s my closet. I have an organizer where I have, like, my personal toiletries, all that type of stuff. I have some garbage bags and all of the household products that we use in our room, cleaning products, all that, you know, good old cleaning supplies.

This is my washing detergent. My hair stuff. Got to keep your hair done at each stage of the day. So it’s kind of overflowing. And then I have just like a random package that I got the other day that I haven’t opened yet, but this is pretty much my room. I have a bunch of organizations stuff because I try to stay as organized as possible.

But besides that, this is pretty much my side of the room. I’m going to introduce my roommate, Beverly, come over Beverly, and she’s gonna show you her side of the room.

Hello! Here’s your girl Beverly.

Okay, so we’re going to start off with this side. So over here we have my fan, because at the beginning of the semester, it was a little hot and the fan, the AC above my bed, was doing just enough, but just not enough for me.

So that’s why I do have a fan, but I don’t use it currently at the moment cuz it’s a little cold and here is my calendar. Here I have all my daily things that I will be doing and anything that remind me what to do throughout the week. And then this is my organizer for my makeup, skincare, and this is my mini vanity, which you’re going to need, the girly-girls, you’re going to need.

Okay. And then this is my mini kitchen. I call it my mini kitchen. You know, I got my air fryer. And then I got my microwave and I got the refrigerator. And we’re going to come back over here to my life’s little bag collection. You know, the girly-girls, we love the bags or whatever.

I open up my closet. I have this organizer. I actually got it from Amazon, and it actually has all my hair stuff, my curling iron, my flat irons, and then all my coats and stuff. I have my robe and towels up here and I have toilet tissues up here in the corner. That’s what we got up here in the closet.

Come on, come on, come on, come on. This is the favorite part right here. You’ll love it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll bet you. So up here, I love green. I love natural setting. I love nudes, greens, browns. But I had to go with green. It just gave me green. So up here we have a customization, which just has my name on in, Life of Beverly.

That right there, life with me when I came to college. I want it to be about me. So that’s what I was, you know, doing. I wanted like a green backdrop. And then up here I have actually got some as well. And I really do like this is yesterday. Now, tomorrow, right there. That’s me. I wanna get everything done now.

Not tomorrow, not yesterday. Now. All right. These decorate pillows. I actually got it from Amazon as well. I wanted to keep the green and white going and the under here. I have a bed skirt that basically has everything. All my shoes is up here. These two are provided by our school. Actually, all my clothes. Majority of my shoes. In here is my snacks.

I have more toiletries, laundry, soap and detergent, all that back there, all that good, good stuff, right, that you’re going to need. And then also this bed is rise by bed risers. So that’s why it’s so high. If you were curious. And then over here before to cart because if I didn’t have this, this room will look a little bit off, I tell you.

So I have all everything over here. It’s organized from hygiene to hair, hairstyle to more hygiene to even jewelry, which I love, because when I tell you what that before to your cart grows out, know this room being a little hectic. So over here we have a rug. I wanted to add a splash of grays to it, but still want it to keep more green and white to it.

And then back over here I have my Bible, few medicines and stuff. That’s our TV. And pretty much that’s really, you know, material. One thing that I really, really, really want is my main thing that I had to bring to college. I’m actually I have two things. This right here is a must. You have to is change setting.

It can go higher. It can go lower, oh, lower. And then this is my favorite part. Organizer, all of this is from Amazon. It keeps everything intact because before it’s been a little rough, but you’re going to need that, I tell you.

Anyways, y’all, that’s our room. Bye!

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