Living Learning Complex (with Carlton Nesbitt)

Dorm Tour #1 from The University of Memphis

This right here? I also love cars. I am a car guy. So when I saw this poster, I was like, I have to, I have to get it. Oh, right here, of course, the school’s brand…

What’s up y’all? My name’s Carlton. This is Dorm Tours, at the Living Learning Complex. So let me just give you a little tour of a room. So this is a single dorm. We have single and doubles. I’m actually an RA here at the dorm. It’s my first time RA’ing but I love doing it. Sp let me give you a little tour.

So this says “The Road to Success Has No Speed Limit”. I’ve been having this for about two years. This is really my favorite poster. This is in my room, because it motivates me every time I get up to, keep pushing, you know, I got big goals and I want to reach them. Also, I’m a sneakerhead. I have plenty of shoes, plenty of shoes, probably about 15-20 pairs of shoes.
PlayStation, of course, play the game, Call of Duty or Fortnite, whatever, TV. And right here, this is just a picture of my res mates, this is like a field day, this is just them coming here to play games, this is, we went to the movies. You know, just me loving my res mates.

Also, right here, it says “Faith Can Move Mountains”, Matthew 17, Verse 20, one of my favorite scriptures, I am a faith-based man and you know, it just keeps me pushing.

Um, this right here, I also love cars, I am a car guy. So when I saw this poster, like, I have, I have to have it. Oh, right here, or course, the school’s brand.

You know, refrigerator right here, I have a refrigerator right here. I have the drawer right here. I have a little cubby right here with of some of my stuff in it.

I have the big C up there because my name starts with C, you know, a lot of people call me big C.

This is a Playstation 4 controller. Love Playstation, my favorite. It’s better than Xbox, in my opinion.

Oh, these are some of my best friends I grew with, some I met in college, some I met along the way, and some are very dear to me.

These are some of my favorite albums, Future, JuiceWRLD, Drake, some of my favorite albums known to me. And yeah, this is Carlton with Dorm Tours.

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