EMU to Begin Taping for Amazon Prime’s “The College Tour”

By Melissa Thrasher

“Lights, camera, action” takes on new meaning as Eastern Michigan University (EMU) welcomes Amazon Prime’s “The College Tour” on campus. Set against the backdrop of EMU’s vibrant campus, this exclusive episode offers viewers a firsthand glimpse into the dynamic experiences of 10 EMU students as they share their journeys. The episode is slated to air in the fall of 2024.

Hosted by Alex Boylan, contestant and winner of CBS’s Amazing Race, each episode of “The College Tour” tells the story of life on college campuses nationwide. In a creative and informative fashion, each student showcases college life, including academics, sports, career preparation, and more.

Katie Condon-Martin, vice president of enrollment management at EMU, said our participation in “The College Tour” allows the University to showcase students’ achievements and enhancements to the campus infrastructure.

“We want viewers to see the impact of the investments in providing students with the tools and spaces needed to pursue their passions and find a fulfilling career,” said Condon-Martin. Additionally, the students selected for EMU’s episode exemplify the strong connections forged with faculty and staff, demonstrating the supportive environment that defines the EMU experience.”

Aniseh Jaber, a freshman majoring in exercise science, prosthetics, and orthotics, is excited to share her career journey with the program because of her relationships with professors and the resources introduced that will get her closer to her dream.

“I came to EMU because I have always had a passion for the medical field and for building a pathway for people to access health care,” said Jaber. “I want to create a business that gives these (prosthetic) devices to people who need them for free.”

Among the students selected include:

“We hope that viewers walk away from this episode with an appreciation for the opportunities available at EMU and a sense of excitement about the vibrant community and academic excellence that defines EMU,” said Condon-Martin.

Eastern is the first public college in Michigan to participate in the show, which is designed for prospective students. The show inspires them to envision themselves as future Eagles and encourages them to visit campus firsthand. Earlier in the semester, a casting call was made for Eastern students interested in being featured on the program; 10 were chosen out of 80 applicants. Each student leads a segment of the episode that showcases an aspect of Eastern.