Engineer a Future You’ll Love: Q&A: With The College Tour Star Cedric Harris

Engineer a Future You’ll Love: Q&A: With The College Tour Star Cedric Harris

By Mizzou Engineering I April 25, 2023

Cedric “Cj” Harris, star of the segment Engineer a Future You’ll Love, with Mizzou student influencer, Ali Barnhart, on the gold carpet.

As an information technology major and student videographer, Cedric “Cj” Harris is used to being behind the camera. Recently, though, he stepped into the spotlight to star in the University of Missouri’s episode of The College Tour.

In the episode, Cedric discusses his undergraduate experience as a Mizzou Engineer, including how he has incorporated extracurricular activities into his degree. You can see him operating Spot, the robotic dog from Boston Dynamics, with Assistant Professional Practice Professor Kristofferson Culmer and taking photos between The Columns on the Francis Quadrangle.

We asked Cedric to talk to us about his experience filming The College Tour and time at Mizzou.

Please Introduce yourself

My name is Cedric “Cj” Harris, and I’m an Information Technology major originally from Memphis, TN (but Saint Louis is a second home). I spend most of my free time taking photos and shooting videos. I am currently a producer and photographer for the University’s Joint Office of Strategic Communication and Marketing (JOSCOM) as well as a Photographer and Videographer for the Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity.

What’s your most memorable Mizzou Engineering experience?

Ireland [study abroad] is for sure at the top of that list. Being immersed in a different culture, and seeing so much of such a beautiful country was breath-taking. A close second is conducting research in the Spot lab and being able to watch it perform on Farout Field during halftime.

Why did you want to participate in The College Tour?

I feel that it provided me a great opportunity to showcase how special and unique a student’s experience could be here at Mizzou. Coming into college, I didn’t know the things I’ve accomplished were possible. I’ve genuinely enjoyed every minute of my time as a Tiger and I want other students and especially potential students to know that Mizzou and college in general is so much more than classes, homework and dressing up your dorm room. There are real opportunities to grow as a person and prepare yourself for whatever type of life and career you want.

What was your favorite part of working on The College Tour?

Filming with the crew was super fun. It was weird being on the other end of production and being in front of the camera for once. It made me take a step back and appreciate how special it is to be in a production of this scale and how much of a collaborative effort it is on everyone’s part.

What would you tell a 17-year-old high school student about Mizzou Engineering?

If you think you can do it, go do it. If you don’t know how to get it done, ask. I promise it’s possible. There’s no idea in college that is too big. There are people, resources, funding and many other types of support for any experience you want to have as a student. From research to study abroad, there are resources to help you accomplish your goals. Just be sure to have goals in place and never be afraid if they change. Just keep asking questions.

What advice would you give freshmen to succeed in the College of Engineering?

Find a way to get your work done sooner rather than later. Whether you study alone, in groups, through YouTube, or with a tutor, be realistic about how you need to accomplish your work. The opportunities will always be there. But you can’t accomplish anything if you’re not a good student.

What do you love about being a Mizzou Tiger?

Mizzou has helped me grow in every aspect of life. The students are amazing, the campus is beautiful and there’s no shortage of exceptional leadership. It’s a place that makes me feel like I can conquer the world, and also gives me everything I need to do it. M-I-Z!

Z-O-U! Thank you for sharing.

Watch Cedric on The College Tour here!