Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, TX
Student Size
Less than 10,000 Undergraduates
College Type


Want to cheer for your team in a spirited crowd at a school where all your professors know your name? Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas is a private institution with a history of quality academics and personal attention. Our gorgeous 302-acre, highly-rated residential campus is home to Big 12 athletics and a 13-1 student-faculty ratio. TCU’s undergraduates represent many countries and more than 60 faiths. We love our unique mascot, the Horned Frog—which is actually a fierce lizard.

About This Episode

Join 10 incredible students who chose to call TCU home for the small school resources and big school spirit. Experience the university’s connection culture through their stories of launching new organizations, academic plans and career paths. We hope they’ll ignite your own passion for lifelong learning and dynamic growth.

TCU Segment 01 - We've Got Spirit
Featured Student: Allyson San Roman
TCU Segment 02 - Campus Community
Featured Student: Anya Ivory
TCU Segment 03 - Fort Worth Culture
Featured Student: Ryan Marks
TCU Segment 04 - Experiential Education
Featured Student: Erika Rebollo Diaz
TCU Segment 05 - Career Preparation
Featured Student: Collin Pittmann
TCU Segment 06 - Inclusive Excellence
Featured Student: Erin Banks
TCU Segment 07 - Global Citizens
Featured Student: Emily Citarella
TCU Segment 08 - Teacher-Scholar Model
Featured Student: Cort Ewing
TCU Segment 09 - Entrepreneurial Spirit
Featured Student: Nand Javia
TCU Segment 10 - Leadership Cultivation
Featured Student: Paige Shiring
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