A Campus Like Family with Marjorie

Segment #5 from The Universities at Shady Grove


Let’s meet Marjorie, a USG student who received her undergraduate degree from UMBC and is now returning to the University of Maryland Baltimore to earn a master’s degree in social work. Remember how I said USG was a one of a kind campus with nine universities? Marjorie will soon be a graduate of two of them. Take it away, Marjorie.

– Thanks, Alex. Hey, everyone. As a first generation college student, it hasn’t always been easy to navigate my educational path. After graduating from community college, I visited a college fair where I learned about USG, a campus that would allow me to pursue a bachelor’s degree while staying in the community. There were so many services that were here on the USG campus to support me through my journey in higher education. USG allows student life to be so effortless with the numerous opportunities and different academic resources to support me throughout each semester. USG commits to arranging unforgettable student engagements. There are student orientations and events to help acclimate yourself with the campus. For me, that includes Salsa nights, USG’s Fall Fest, and Advocacy Day at Maryland’s General Assembly, just to name a few. After earning my bachelor’s degree, I knew I was making the best choice in returning for my graduate degree through the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Social Work at USG. There’s so many reasons why USG remains a great place for me. Small, in-person, and online class sizes allow me to establish long-term relationships with professors and classmates and to work with fellow classmates in small groups. USG also has resources that give students access to professional development opportunities through career and internship services. On a more personal note, USG makes balancing work, family, and school events all at the same time so much easier. Remember that Salsa night event I mentioned? That’s actually where I met my husband and we now have a beautiful baby together. I’m so grateful to be on this path again at USG, where it’s not only convenient, but accessible and affordable, a perfect environment for a first gen student like me. Well, that’s my story, back to you, Alex.

– Wow, Marjorie. It’s inspiring to see how you’re not only working on that second degree as a student at USG, but also how you are doing it while balancing your studies and field work with the joy and responsibilities of being a mom. Best wishes to you and your beautiful family. Thank you, Marjorie.

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