A Floating College

Segment #5 from Semester at Sea


We’re going to now head over to Megan. Megan is a marketing student longing for education and discovery. After boarding the MV World Odyssey, Megan realized that this floating campus had even more to offer than she imagined. Megan, tell us more about this ship.

Thanks, Alex. What’s up, guys? “Semester at Sea” is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So, after finishing up on-campus classes this past spring at San Diego State University, I knew my next academic experience had to be “Semester at Sea.” Going to school in San Diego, I thought I was going to college in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Then I stepped on this floating campus. Our ship has everything most colleges have. Classrooms, dining halls, a library and a health center. But also a pool on the top deck, a spa, a gym, and a sports floor overlooking the whole entire ocean. With everything and everybody in such close proximity, you can be at dinner one moment, a cross currence lecture on circum navigation the next, then dancing with friends from around the world at Halls Club. And the next morning you’re getting off the ship in Casablanca, Morocco, driving 10 hours into the Sahara Desert. With limited Wifi connection, the shipboard community is the most engaging and immersive environment I’ve ever been a part of. This incredible community includes gap year students, current undergraduates, post-grad, professors and staff, children, and lifelong learners living and learning together every single day. “Semester at Sea” has given me the best hundred days of my life. It has given me the time and the space to learn more about myself and our global community. Every morning I wake up on the World Odyssey in disbelief that I am traveling all over the world with some of the most incredible, kindhearted, and substantial people. Thank you for listening to my story. Don’t be afraid to try everything and now back to you, Alex. Hey, guys!

– Megan, thank you for that tour of this stunning floating campus. I know we were all dying for an extra glimpse of those special sites like the spa and dining halls. Just what you need after a long day of class. Thanks again, Megan. 

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