A Well-Rounded Engineering Program with Ammar

Segment #19 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Time to meet Ammar. Ammar is a senior from New York City studying mechanical engineering, and chose RPI for its highly ranked engineering program. RPI offers 12 engineering majors like aerospace, nuclear, electrical, civil, and chemical engineering, and that’s not all that drew him to RPI. Here’s Ammar to tell us all about what students can explore at RPI.

– Thank you, Alex. Alongside growing up in New York City, my family has been instrumental in motivating me to build a well-rounded and intellectually rich background. This motivation drove my ever-evolving interests in jazz, engineering, robotics, manufacturing, and sports. I think while I was initially drawn to RPI because of its highly ranked engineering program, the unique combination of the institute’s size, personable campus, and program diversity provided me with the perfect platform for interdisciplinary enrichment. For example, as a jazz pianist and president of the Rensselaer Music Association, RPI’s student-run music community, I found a family away from home that nurtures my musical and leadership growth. Additionally, my interaction with faculty and alumni entrepreneurs and residents within the Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship challenges me to think outside of a technocentric mindset when approaching entrepreneurship competitions, and programs such as the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps. My mentor-mentee relationship with Professor Johnson Samuel has not only expanded my academic and career horizons, but also exposed me to RPI’s pioneering research in next generation advanced manufacturing, spanning biomanufacturing, energy storage, renewables, and more. Similarly, in what we call the Teaching Factory-Based Manufacturing Education Program, I’ve been able to translate my passion for manufacturing into industry relevant skills and experiences. As a whole, the recognition I’ve gained from awards and scholarships is a direct result of these relations and programs, speaks to the profound impact of the personable faculty and diverse opportunities within RPI’s School of Engineering. My story shows that being a well-rounded engineer with multifaceted layers of artistry, leadership, entrepreneurship, and academic excellence is facilitated in an environment that allows multidisciplinary students to thrive. This interdisciplinary background is enabling me to tackle the convergent solutions required to solve the world’s most pressing issues. Back to you, Alex.

– RPI’s engineering students are also immersed in the areas that matter for our future like semiconductors, renewable energy, and advanced manufacturing. Students are even involved in motorsports and often in internships in places like NASA. Great story, thank you so much for sharing.

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