AAMU Legacy 150 Years with Faith

Segment #1 from Alabama A&M University


It’s time to meet Faith. Hailing from Montgomery, Alabama, she is a junior communications media major and the 74th Miss Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. AAMU is celebrating 150 years of legacy and service to others and Faith is here to tell us about what sets this university apart. Take it away, Faith.

– Thanks, Desi, and welcome everyone to my illustrious institution, Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. Since its inception, our institution has been dedicated to excellence, not only in academics, but also in service and compassion. In 1857, the founding father of Alabama A&M University, Dr. William Hooper Councill, was sold into slavery right here at the Bell Tower on campus, along with his mother and brother. During that time, he vowed to return to this very space and create an institution for African American people. What began with two teachers, 61 students, and $1000, 150 years later, has transitioned into the largest HBCU in the state of Alabama. In honoring our resilient past and visionary founder, our university embraces the boundless opportunities that lie ahead. United in our commitment to excellence and the enduring spirit of our HBCU, we are shaping a brighter future for the generations to come. Here on The Hill, as we affectionately know it, our motto is “service is sovereignty”. As a hands-on student leader, serving my community and getting involved was the best thing I could have ever done. Here on campus, I am a three-time reigning queen, serving as Miss Sophomore, Miss Junior, and the 74th Miss Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. I am also the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Yard Ambassador and Influencer, a University Echo Student Ambassador, a university’s Honors program member, and a member of the university’s choir, just to name a few. In these organizations, I found a lifelong family that I can call on whenever, wherever, no matter what. From the unparalleled strength of academic programs at Alabama A&M, to the abundance of career opportunities that have been presented to me, I am grateful for the platform that my HBCU has given me. With unwavering faith and a relentless pursuit of excellence, I am forever indebted to my beloved institution, long live thy fame. Back to you, Desi.

– Wow. From just 61 students to becoming the largest HBCU in Alabama and having representation from 44 states and 11 countries, Alabama A&M has certainly evolved. Faith, thank you for being a great ambassador and living up to the legacy of the founder of Alabama A&M University, Dr. William Hooper Councill. Take care, Faith.

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