Academic Programs with Nathanael

Segment #8 from Alabama A&M University


Alabama A&M University offers more than 60 undergraduate and graduate programs. And here to give us a look into the world of academics is Nathanael, a sophomore majoring in sociology. He’s going to tell us how his academic experience at Alabama A&M prepared him for the future. Nathanael, your time is now.

– Wow, Desi, thanks for the hype. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a pediatric dentist, but I didn’t know how to get there. I knew I wanted to go into healthcare. However, you need more than knowing you wanna be a dentist to make it to dental school. Alabama A&M is the state’s largest HBCU with four different colleges. My program, sociology, falls under the College of Business and Public Affairs. You don’t have to major in anything specific to get to dentistry. I chose sociology because I’ve always been passionate about social issues. I have a great advisor who understands my goals and helps me balance the workload so I can graduate in four years. I’ve already started taking upper level sociology courses as a sophomore because my advisor knew it’d be a good fit. The Honors program at AAMU is comprised of nothing less than the best people, because the best people come to AAMU. We challenge each other, give each other new perspectives, and encourage each other when we are down. As a mentor in this program, I helped my first year mentee with professional things like resume building, when to take certain classes, and those tidbits on college life. I’m also in the Marching Maroon and White Band. In the university band, we play hard, but study harder. If our grades aren’t performing, then we will not be performing. Being in a band requires a lot of time management and discipline, so I’m learning the skills not just for band, but for academics and my future. Coming to AAMU was the best choice I ever could have made. I’m learning so much more than sociology and chemistry. I’m learning important life skills. At Alabama A&M University, you can start here and go anywhere. That’s my story. Back to you, Desi.

– Nathanael, it seems you’re fully embracing college life by pursuing your academic aspirations while also supporting others in achieving their goals. Balancing Alabama A&M’s challenging academics with opportunities for student engagement is key to thriving in college. And as you rightly said, with time management and discipline, nothing can stand in your way. Thanks again.

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