Academic Readiness / Resources with Michela

Segment #2 from University of California, Merced


Meet Michela, a sophomore from Modesto, California, majoring in chemistry. Today, we’ll journey through her captivating story, one that explores how UC Merced has shaped her academic aspirations and prepared her for a future in the sciences. Get ready to be inspired by her unique experience as we uncover the world of this dedicated chemistry major. Over to you, Michela.

– Thanks, Alex. Hey, everyone. Growing up, I knew I wanted to be involved in the sciences. Now as I embark in my academic journey, I’m eager to strengthen my foundation in the field. UC Merced perfectly catered to my interests as we are a research institution and they provide so many opportunities within STEM, especially for women. UC Merced has seamlessly become my second home, a place where I’ve not only found academic excellence but also a nurturing community. The picturesque surroundings and tight-knit atmosphere have created an environment where I truly feel at ease. As a chemistry major, the wealth of academic resources available here has been instrumental in honing my passion for the subject. The state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated faculty have played a pivotal role in shaping my academic journey. Moreover, UC Merced’s emphasis on academic readiness has provided me with so many valuable tools to excel in my studies. The tailored pre-health programs, particularly in pre-dentistry, have been a guiding light in my pursuit of a career in dentistry. Knowing I have a robust support system and specialized resources at my disposal reaffirms my decision to choose UC Merced as the foundation for my future. UC Merced offers a vibrant campus life with a plethora of extracurricular activities. From clubs and organizations to cultural events, there’s always something exciting happening. The campus’s commitment to sustainability and its LEED-certified facilities also reflect a forward-thinking, environmentally conscious community. It’s an enriching experience beyond academics. As a second-year here at UC Merced, I’ve come to appreciate how the institution equips us for the real world. Beyond academics, I’ve learned so many invaluable skills, whether it’s through mentoring or workshops. The supportive system and the diverse experiences that I’ve had here on campus has prepared me for an amazing future. Back to you, Alex.

– Wow, Michela, your compelling journey at UC Merced illuminates how the university has prepared you for academic success! UC Merced, recognized as number one among public universities for outperforming expected graduation rates, stands as a testament to your dedication and the university’s commitment! Thank you, Michela, for sharing your incredible story with us. Take care.

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