Academic Research with Andrew

Segment #5 from Notre Dame of Maryland University


Let’s meet Andrew and hear about his focus on balancing academic opportunities within a community centric environment. Exceptional academics, a world-class faculty, and a unique mentorship program equips students with the skills and experiences they need to thrive in their career and in every area of their lives. Take it away, Andrew.

– Thanks, Alex, and hello everyone. During my college search, affordability and a thriving social and academic environment were my top priorities. NDMU exceeds these criteria, providing exceptional financial aid through their merit-based presidential scholarship, and ensuring a tailor-made education through a student to faculty ratio that fosters meaningful connections with professors. Entering my first year, I shared the common excitement and nervousness of finding a community in Notre Dame, especially as it just recently transitioned from an all female undergraduate program the year I matriculated. I quickly discovered a rich sense of belonging. In just my first semester, I immersed myself in various communities. I became Chair of the Honor Board and served as a student representative on the Board of Trustees, amplifying student voices through the use of my own, while also co-founding the Asian Student Union to promote better representation of the Asian population within our school. Coming into college, I already had experience in academic research, having conducted a number of research studies in high school. As such, I was eager to pursue additional research in college, and NDMU offers students many opportunities. Almost all the professors conduct their own research, providing a wide range of options for students to choose from to enrich their undergraduate or graduate studies. Within a month, I was able to join one of my professors exploring post-translational protein modifications, more specifically those related to Alzheimer’s disease. The amazing support by the faculty here at Notre Dame extends to their openness to having students join in on the research studies that they’re conducting. Students are able to get involved in research very early on. Though I’m only a freshman here, I feel as if I’ve already found my place here at Notre Dame for many years to come. This school is full of opportunity, whether that be through research or identity organizations, and I’ve only just begun. Back to you, Alex.

– Wow, Andrew, you have jumped in head first. With a 7:1 student faculty ratio, students will work closely with professors who stand out as award-winning educators, innovators, professionals in their fields, and as people. NDMU professors always go the extra mile. Andrew, thank you for sharing your story.

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