Alumni Pride

Segment #10 from University of Phoenix


UOPX may be mostly online, but that doesn’t mean Phoenix’s are alone. Say hello to Paula Hutchinson, an entrepreneur, speaker, and president of the alumni chapter in Phoenix, Arizona. The university has an alumni network of more than 1 million graduates across the country. Paula Hutchinson is one of them. Let’s see how she supports other Phoenixes in their goals. Go Paula.

Thanks Alex. I am proud to be a University of Phoenix alumni. My advisor had me hooked from our first conversation. She helped me through my degrees and through life changes ranging from sickness, to family deaths, to moving to Phoenix. Growing up, I saw how my mother and grandmother worked hard so I could have the education they didn’t. I understood early on that a college degree offered a chance at a better life. As a UOPX alumni Center chapter president, I see the same determination as so many other phoenixes who have made their educational dreams a reality. University of Phoenix provided a pathway to education and opportunity for me. Now that I am able to return that favor. As a president of the university’s alumni chapter in Phoenix where we have over a thousand members, it is important to me to serve as a major contributor to the alumni community, whether it’s by coordinating webinars with career advice, creating network opportunities, or simply cheering on other alumni who choose to earn another degree, which is what I’m doing by the way. I’m in the doctoral program now At University of Phoenix, the alumni community is all about building professional and personal relationships that go the distance and defy geographical distance. We share skills, contacts, advice, and opportunities. We help each other navigate life’s challenges. There is so much pride in this UOPX alumni community of professionals across the country. The university truly taught me to be a phoenix and rise from the ashes. I have already accomplished so much as an entrepreneur and educator. Now as I work toward completing my doctoral of education program, I look forward to champion for equitable education. That’s my story. Back to you, Alex.

Thanks, Paula. What an amazing way to stay connected after graduation. Joining one of UOPX’s 50 alumni chapters offers plenty of benefits from potential professional networking to quarterly social events to growing your leadership skills, and that’s not all. UOPX alumni can also join the exclusive Phoenix Link network, which is like an amplified career directory, and take advantage of tuition discounts and networking opportunities. Talk about community support. Take care. 

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