Campus Culture / Athletics with Channing

Segment #1 from Northeastern Junior College


Let’s meet Channing from Utah. Channing is studying psychology and is on the wrestling team. He has a powerful story about finding his place through the support of peers, coaches, and counselors that highlights NJC’s commitment to students. This small campus truly offers a welcoming opportunity for students who aren’t sure what they’re looking for. Take it away, Channing.

– I appreciate it, Alex. Hey, everyone. As a four-time state wrestling title holder, I was faced with an incredibly hard decision on where to go to for college. NJC made that decision easy. When first stepping foot on campus, I immediately knew NJC would be my home. The campus always feels alive, from organized karaoke or talent shows to pick-up kickball games with friends. Academically, the faculty encourage you to grow not only as a student but as a person. I took advantage of the free tutoring to improve my skills, but my favorite thing that NJC provides is counseling. As someone who has struggled with mental health, the counselors go above and beyond, and it has helped me tremendously. The best part about being a Plainsman is the constant support you get from peers, faculty, and coaches, no matter your sport, interests, or major. Our coaches have a deep, personal connection to the athletes and do anything they can do to bring them success. I always see many professors and coaches in the stands at the sporting events cheering us on. They will pick you up when you fall down and raise you even higher when you feel on top of the world. At the end of last year, my wrestling coach asked me what it meant to be a Plainsman. A Plainsman is a part of a family. NJC is the most inviting place I’ve ever spent time. You being here means that you’re one of us. I once walked into the wrong dorm room and made a lifelong friend because I believe we were all drawn here for the same reasons, and I hope you will be, too. Now it’s my turn to take down the competition. I’ll catch you on the mat, Alex.

– What a moving story, Channing. And we celebrate your success at NJC. Counseling and tutoring are key elements to not only succeeding but excelling while in college, and it looks like NJC was the right fit for you. As for the mats, I’m gonna leave that to you. Thanks again, Channing.

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