Campus Life

Segment #6 from Xavier University of Louisiana


Xavier strives to build a strong sense of community that supports excellence across the academics and the campus. It’s time to meet Kayla. She’s a senior working toward her degree in public health and is here to share a little bit about campus life. Tell us more Kayla.

Thanks Desi. As a student that didn’t have Xavier is my first choice, let me tell you, it’s been the best decision I’ve made. I always thought I was gonna major in biology and be a big college athlete but everything changed on decision day, when I thought to myself, other than knowledge what did I want out of my college experience and well, the other schools never stood a chance. The community on campus is truly one of a kind. We are a melting pot of different cultures, ethnicities, religions and more all in one space for one goal to create a more just and humane society. Xavier creates opportunities for students to explore and get involved to make real changes and the University Center is the center for campus life at Xavier. You’ll find a mix of cultural, educational, social and recreational programs to balance coursework and free time. The UC provides services and offices for organizations, mail service, dining service, a game room and a large study area that converts to a showcase lounge. I’m currently a part of student government, professional organizations, social clubs, a cultural association, and Greek life. I may be busy, but it’s worth it. When you get to make a difference and positively impact future students and their college experiences. Upon graduation, I plan to take some time to reset and relax. Then I plan to become an EMT. I may get my master’s in public health and then on to the big MD. My road to medical school will not be traditional but it’ll be worth it. Remember, it’s your story, make it count. Thanks, Desi. That’s all for me, back to you.

Wow. Kayla. There sure is a lot going on around campus. With so many academic clubs, organizations, clubs, and activities, you’re definitely staying busy. Thank you for sharing. 

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