Campus Life

Segment #1 from Western New England University


Let’s meet Miranda, a junior biology major from Hatfield, Massachusetts. She’s over at the University Commons, which is the home of good eat on campus, featuring a multi-floor dining hall, a food court and convenience store, plus plenty of space to meet up with friends, it’s truly the heart of campus. Miranda is gonna give us the lowdown on campus life, so take it away.


– Thanks, Alex. Good day everyone, and welcome to Western New England University. One of my favorite parts of the college experience is WNE’s amazing campus life that makes everyone feel like they’re a part of the action. I was inspired to become a resident advisor to help create an inclusive and safe space for residents that encourages them to make the most of their life here at WNE. WNE, life is busy. There is always something happening on campus during the week and on weekends. From musicians playing in the campus center, golden hours weekend programming traditions like painting the rock and bear Olympics, movies on Commonwealth Lawn and more. Your schedule is going to be full of fun things to do. One of my favorites is the Food Truck Festival, featuring Blue Chip Creamery’s Chill Witches. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to get off campus and explore your new backyard. WNE sponsors trips to nearby Six Flags, New England, the Big E, which is the largest fair in the Northeast, New York City and Boston, just to name a few. When it comes to living on campus, WNE will be your home away from home. Our student housing grows with you, starting in traditional housing and working your way up to apartment style independent living. If you’d like to learn where you live, we have unique learning interest communities that offer special opportunities such as freshman honors, rising business professional, social justice, and more. Whether you’re cheering on the G Bears at a game or catching a stages player’s performance, living on campus puts you in the center of it all. My advice to you is to put yourself out there and get involved. Above all, live your best life here at WNE. Well, that’s all I have to say. Back to you, Alex.


– Miranda, that’s some great advice, thank you. WNE is a happening campus and the Golden Bear spirit is contagious wherever you go, that was awesome. 

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