Campus Life and Belonging with Christina

Segment #5 from The University of Memphis


Let’s meet Christina, a Sophomore Social Work major from Milan, Tennessee. Engaged students like her tend to thrive in college and beyond thanks to their supportive community. Join us for an enlightening look into Christina’s journey as she shares how her inclusive tribe of faculty, staff, and peers has enriched her experience. Over to you, Christina.

– Thank you, Alex. Hello, everybody. College has always been an aspiration of mine, and the University of Memphis was my dream school. However, college felt unattainable for me. I didn’t come from much, but I knew I wanted the chance to explore the world, chase after my goals, and try new things, and the University of Memphis has given me just that. When I connected with recruiters, I immediately felt supported. College was no longer a dream, but a very real reality. They broke down the enrollment process and helped me understand my financial aid options. With this support, I felt ready and prepared to thrive when I stepped on campus. Since then, I’ve flourished academically and socially. Through the events by Student Services and res life, I’ve made friendships and have become more involved with my university. I’m now a Resident Advisor in my residence hall and I work with Enrollment Services too. Through the support from my professors and peers, I feel right at home. The University of Memphis cultivates a welcoming environment with endless opportunities to integrate yourself into campus life. There are monthly events created by RAs to build community in the residence hall, sports events that students can attend for free, and diverse events created by clubs and student organizations. The University of Memphis has given me the tools to thrive and opportunities I never would’ve imagined. I’m able to connect with people in impactful ways, and I’m in a place where I feel seen and heard. With the support that I have here, I’m able to achieve my goals in more ways than one. Well that’s all from me. It’s all yours, Alex.

– Thank you, Christina. Your inspiring journey displays the vital connection between community support and college success. Your story vividly displays how involvement has allowed you to establish friendships, open doors to countless opportunities, and sharpen skills that will no doubt benefit you long after graduation. Thanks again.

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