Campus Life at ACU

Segment #1 from Abilene Christian University


Alright y’all, it’s time to meet Liv. She’s a sophomore nursing major from Carrollton, Texas and spent her first year diving into all that the exceptional community ACU has to offer. Let’s hear all about it, Liv!  

Thanks, Alex! Hey y’all! As I was touring colleges, I found myself looking for a college that felt like home, a place where I could find community. When I reached Abilene Christian University, I knew it was that place. And my first year experience proved it over and over again! As a freshman, I participated in so many ACU events on and off campus, including Freshman Follies, a freshman-only lip-sync competition held during Family Weekend each fall;  Sing Song, one of ACU’s most-loved traditions; and my sorority. Freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus, really making ACU your college home. We have an exciting new Freshman Village to center that first year experience. The new residence halls house men and women and includes plenty of study spaces, hangouts and kitchens, even an outdoor one. ACU is an amazing place to make memories. Whether it’s walking the Lunsford Trail with my friends or late night study sessions in Brown Library, I feel loved and seen. It’s no surprise that ACU is ranked Number 8 in the nation for First-Year Experience by U.S. News & World Report. Our community is like no other, taking our college experience beyond the classroom and career preparation. At ACU, our professors care deeply about our personal and professional development. As early as our freshman year, we’re taking part in their research, stepping in front of the camera or joining them in the field as they mentor and guide us. They’re a part of the relationships that will last a lifetime. I experienced so much my first year, and I barely scratched the surface. I couldn’t ask for a better college home.  That’s all from me! GO WILDCATS! Back to you, Alex.

Sounds like you had a FULL year! It’s no wonder ACU has been recognized year after year for their first-year experience and how it encourages students to pursue their passions. You’ll develop meaningful connections here – from international student organizations and academic groups to intramurals and Greek life, there’s something for everyone. Great job!

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