Career Changer

Segment #3 from Community College of Baltimore County


Let’s make our way over to CCBC Dundalk, home of the Lions, to meet Nichelle. Nichelle is loving life as her own boss. She came to CCBC with a business idea that blossomed into much more than she could have ever imagined. Hear how Nichelle made lemonade out of lemons and is squeezing all she can out of her dreams.

Thanks Alex! Hey everyone! Do you have a business idea but need help making it happen? CCBC could help turn your dream into a reality. They did it for me, and they could do it for you. My career path has twisted and turned, but CCBC has been with me every step of the way. After I graduated from high school, I enrolled at CCBC, took Psychology courses and earned good grades. But I was anxious to work and start making money. I put my studies aside, worked odd jobs, and then met my fiancée, Todd. Todd and I had a mutual love of healthy living and clean eating. Our friends and family loved our juice recipes, and we realized this love of ours could become a business. We founded the Treehouse Juicery. As demand for our products grew, we needed more funding and business expertise as first-time entrepreneurs. This is where my path crossed with CCBC again.  CCBC provided direct support to help me get my business off the ground. Through the Center for Business Innovation, I received mentorship from other business owners and developed a comprehensive business plan for the Treehouse Juicery. This business plan actually won seed money from CCBC during an annual competition designed to foster entrepreneurship. The pandemic slowed my progress, but CCBC stepped in to help again, and invited me to take part in an eight-month business accelerator mentorship program.  Today, Treehouse Juicery products are sold in local stores and a physical storefront is in the works. I am proud to call myself a business owner and to work as my own boss. But I couldn’t have done it without CCBC, where I learned that a little innovation and discipline can take you farther than you could have ever imagined. Back to you Alex!

Nichelle, what a fantastic story about how you boosted your business idea and made it a reality. Making the most of CCBC’s amazing resources that are available to entrepreneurs like yourself in the community was a wise move. We are all wishing you the very best. Take care. 

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