Career Readiness & Innovation with David

Segment #1 from Western Oregon University


Let’s hear from David, a senior majoring in exercise science and minoring in public health from Caldwell, Idaho. Western provides students with opportunities to do research with incredible internships to gain important hands-on learning experience to help them prepare for their career. Take it away, David.

– Thanks for the introduction, Alex. Growing up with one parent made it difficult to get to school extracurricular activities. Because of these challenges, I quickly realized how important education was in order to succeed. From that, I learned how crucial it was to choose the right university and started looking at ones with the major I was interested in, which was exercise science. I was thrilled to find a small town vibe at Western, which made it feel like home. Western has a close-knit community and offers a place where I can grow and learn while feeling safe. Being in an uplifting environment encourages me to pursue my dreams of coming a physical therapist. It also helped drive my passion and taught me how I can integrate my skills with professors and staff and work on student-led research projects. Another benefit of our exercise science program is our internship component. Our internship coordinator helped me get hands-on experience working at a physical therapy clinic, which has solidified my choice of pursuing physical therapy school. Western has many different activities that you can participate throughout the year. One of my favorites is intermural basketball and volleyball. They’re also conferences hosted by real world experts in their fields. The Western Student Body includes many different cultures and has different clubs and events catering to our diverse student body, which creates a welcoming environment. Western isn’t just a place about learning. It’s a place where creativity and innovation take root and flourish. When the time comes to choose a physical therapy program, I wanna choose a university with similar qualities to Western. Throwing it back to you, Alex.

– David, thank you for highlighting the opportunities students have for hands-on real life experiences through research and internships right here at Western. The opportunities you have taken highlight that Western is a place where innovation and creativity can flourish. Thanks again.

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