Continuing Education

Segment #6 from Community College of Baltimore County


Let’s hear from Iyona, who jumped on a fast track at CCBC, gaining workforce skills training that landed her a job as a pharmacy technician within a matter of months. Iyona’s story doesn’t stop there. Now she is working on an associate degree at CCBC as her learning journey continues. Iyona, tell us how you’re doing that!

Thanks for the intro Alex and hey everyone! When I enrolled as a continuing education student at CCBC, I was looking for a job and a second chance. In high school I had run into hard times and wasn’t able to earn my diploma or a GED. This made finding employment tough.
Fortunately, I discovered CCBC is a perfect place for people getting a later start in life. The college really lives up to the word “Community” in its name. CCBC’s online Job Network Program helps prepare students for the workforce and matches them with local employers who have jobs to fill, even helping set up job interviews for students. I realized this was the program I needed to get back on track and fast as a non-credit student. I chose the pharmacy technician training course as my career path. There was just one obstacle blocking my way – I needed my GED.
CCBC provides direct assistance for students needing GEDs, including prep classes, but my registration test scores surpassed expectations and I earned my GED within 24 hours of taking my test. After that, within just six months of training at CCBC, I earned my national pharmacy technician certification. My coursework was all online, and the content was easy to understand. I logged into a virtual meeting every week, and my instructor was always available to assist me. I am happy to say I now have that job I was looking for as a pharmacy technician. I am also taking general studies classes at CCBC with a goal of earning a degree in Mortuary Science. If it weren’t for CCBC’s continuing education program, I probably would’ve never become a college student, but here at CCBC I’ve learned anything is possible.
That’s my time, Thanks Alex!

Iyona, that’s fantastic. You earned your GED, you completed your pharmacy technician training, and now the sky’s the limit for what you can do as CCBC continues to provide opportunities for you to advance your career. You didn’t give up, and we can all learn a lesson from that. Thank you!

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