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Segment #4 from The University of Texas at Dallas


I’d like to introduce you to Kara, an International Political Economy senior pursuing a career in law. Kara lives on campus and chooses to spend her time being in several campus organizations to pursue interests outside of her major. That makes her the perfect choice to explain to us how she manages to be so involved on campus. Over to you, Kara.


– Thanks, Alex, and howdy everyone. I went to high school in a tiny town and there weren’t many opportunities to try new things there. I knew I wanted the ability to explore and develop new interests when I went to college, all while receiving a world-class undergraduate education that would prepare me for my career. When I came to UTD, it felt just like home. Literally, because I moved into our state-of-the-art dormitories. Now I live in University Village, our on-campus apartments. Living on campus gives a real sense of community. Community is very important here at UTD and there are many opportunities for mentorship. I myself, mentor students who are interested in going to law school. My own interest in law has been supported by our incredible pre-professional school advising here at UTD and student organizations, like Women Pursuing Law, and Moot Court, which has offered me comradery and support. UTD also encourages its students to engage with their passions. Last year I studied abroad for a full semester in Spain and I participate in our top choir here, even though I am not a music major. Here at UTD, students are encouraged to explore beyond the boundaries of their major and collaboration across disciplines is embraced. UTD is a top public university located in one of the nation’s fastest growing metropolitan regions. Because of this, we have a wide range of classes and majors, a wealth of student organizations. and endless incredible opportunities. I learned so much more at UTD than what will appear on my degree. I learned to embrace the diversity of my interests and I will carry the incredible experiences I have had into every corner of my post-graduate life. Well, I’m off to try something new. Back to you, Alex.


– Kara, wow, your time management skills are off the charts! It certainly sounds like you found the perfect spot at UTD to pursue all of your interests and even find new ones. I hope you enjoyed your time in Spain. Gracias, Kara.

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