Discovering Your Passion and Purpose with Mike

Segment #5 from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


Let’s hear from Mike, a senior majoring in psychology and philosophy with a minor in biology. UWSP helps students discover their purpose, whether it’s finding the program that piques the students’ interest or creating lasting connections with faculty and peers. UWSP is an academic powerhouse with innovative campus experiences. This is what makes UWSP so special. Mike, tell us more.

– Thanks, Alex. Hi, everyone. I am in my final semester at UW-Stevens Point. I’ll be graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Philosophy. I originally picked UWSP because I thought I knew what I wanted to study. What I found out was that I’ve learned way more than I could have expected during my time here. I entered my first year expecting to follow the path of a Wildlife Ecology student while participating in track and field as an extracurricular. My plans quickly changed just like many other students at UWSP. As an honors student, I had the opportunity to take an honors class in philosophy that left me so mystified that I had to add the major. Since then, I’ve changed my major two more times as I solidified my passions and goals. I love how this university allows its students to freely explore the many disciplines that it has to offer, along with having support from mentors such as those in the Student Success Center here on campus. You will not lack opportunities at UWSP. There’s more to experience here than could ever be done by one person. I’ve competed at national championships, I have presented at multiple conferences, and I’ve worked alongside researchers on neuroscience projects that usually aren’t accessible to undergraduates. Despite all that, my only regret is that I did not try more things. I’ll be completing my undergraduate studies soon and I intend to spend a considerable amount of time in Ghana after my graduation. I am pursuing an internship in clinical psychology at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital to gain direct experience treating mental health disorders while I await responses from my PhD applications. UWSP has helped me to discover my purpose and pursue my passions. Back to you, Alex.

– Mike, thank you for sharing how UWSP helps students discover their purpose and passion. UW-Stevens Points honors program and hands-on learning opportunities create ways for students to explore their interests. Your work is important in telling the story of how to find a program that fits your passion. Great job.

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