Diversity with Jamie

Segment #6 from Alabama A&M University


Let’s hear from Jamie. From Paynesville City, Liberia and majoring in biology, Jamie recognizes the important role Alabama A&M plays in showcasing cultural diversity for its students. The university has prioritized creating an inclusive environment where students feel a sense of belonging. Jamie, you’re up.

– Hello everyone, and a warm thank you to Desi for the introduction. I come to you from the vibrant country of Liberia in West Africa. It’s been quite the journey for me since January of 2023, when I left my home to embark on my international student experience at Alabama A&M University. When I was considering universities, comfort and cultural acceptance were paramount to me. I saw a place where my cultural values would not only be respected, but also celebrated. Alabama A&M stood out not just for its academic excellence, but also for its inclusive atmosphere. Upon arrival, the International Student Association warmly welcomed me, offering a sense of belonging from day one. The ISA has been instrumental in fostering a community where international students like myself can share experiences, celebrate diversity, and support one another. One of the highlights of our campus life is the International Week, a time when cultural boundaries dissolve and we come together to showcase our heritage through various events like cultural mixers, fashion shows, and food festivals. Reflecting on my journey from Liberia to Alabama A&M University, I’ve learned invaluable lessons in resilience, adaptability, and the power of community. Alabama A&M University’s investment in creating an equitable, justice-oriented, and academically rigorous environment has not only facilitated my academic growth, but has also empowered me to thrive in a diverse and inclusive community. I’ve experienced the AAMU support firsthand and also sought ways to give back through programs like the Tutorial Assistance Network, or TAN. As a TAN tutor and writing assistant, I’ve had the privilege of aiding fellow students in excelling in subjects such as composition. AAMU has not just been a university for me, it’s been my home away from home. I’m immensely grateful for the resources, opportunities, and support. That wraps up my story. Back to you, Desi.

– What an incredible story, Jamie. With activities like the International Student Organization, International Week, and cultural mixers, it’s evident that you have found your place. With representation from over 11 countries, it’s evident Alabama A&M is a university for all. Thanks again, Jamie.

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