Education Program & Athletics with Hannah

Segment #10 from Western Oregon University


Hannah is a senior majoring in secondary English education and minoring in sports leadership from Gresham, Oregon. Western was originally established as a teacher college back in 1856, and its education major is highly regarded and renowned still to this day. Also, their NCAA Division II Athletics program offered students a unique advantage to compete at the only Division II university in Oregon. Tell us more, Hannah.

– Hey, thanks so much for the intro. Coming from a long line of educators and athletes, I decided to continue on the tradition by majoring in secondary English education while minoring in sports leadership here at Western Oregon University, where I’m also the three time team captain on the Women’s Soccer Team here. I was initially going to play Division I soccer, but quickly realized that what I wanted in a university did not align with the one I committed to. Instead, I signed on with Western, which has been a blessing. Here, I’m close to home, I can be in a prestigious and rigorous ed program, and also, I get to play soccer. I get the best of both worlds. One of my favorite things about being an athlete here at Western is how tight-knit the athlete community is. I walk down the streets of campus and I know all the athletes of all the NCAA sports teams here. As hard as it is to explain and as cliche as it sounds, it truly is a family environment here at Western. I have been fortunate to be a student in the education program where I have hands-on experience in a real classroom setting. I’ve built connections with fellow student teachers in an environment that is both challenging and rewarding. The environment is fostered by highly educated professors and they understand and support the flexibility student athletes like myself need to be both a successful student teacher and student athlete. I’m excited to complete a bachelor’s degree where I plan on pursuing a master’s degree here at Western. Never stop learning. Back to you, Alex.

– Hannah, thank you for highlighting the supportive and inclusive relationship between students and professors. It is so invigorating to hear that you have found a family here at Western who supports you in your education and athletics. Thanks again.

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