Engaged and Empowered with Stacey

Segment #7 from College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University


Now we’re headed to the Multicultural Center to check in with Stacey, reaching out and recruiting the broadest and most diverse group of students possible, geographically, culturally, economically, is important to this community. Even more important is the support, the encouragement, and the empowerment students receive once they arrive. Students like Stacey play a tremendous role in that success. Stacey, you’re up.

– Hi there, I’m a proud first generation Latina from Chicago, and as much as I love my windy city and its skyscrapers, I wanna explore further horizons and be surrounded by nature. I love my choice of being in St. Ben’s and St. John’s. One of my favorite parts of this community is the way it’s supported me and kept me connected to who I am, while I branch out into who I will become. I’m president of the exploring Latin American Cultures Club, where I plan the and Dance and the Festival of Cultures and quinceanera. I volunteer in the campus ministry with a team called Los Mayordomos de Dios, and get to sing and support my friends at the things like Guadalupe Mass. The Multiculture Center here on campus welcomes us all. First gen, Bipoc, LGBTQ+, international students. We all find support and engagement here. The staff is amazing, and this year they’ve encouraged me to become the assistant director for the Advocates and Inclusive Mentoring Program. As an assistant director, I’m here to straighten our other Bennys from historically underrepresented groups and help them grow into the greatness they’re capable of reaching. I’m discovering my full potential here. thanks to the people who I’ve met and continue to push me to become the better version of myself. That’s the greatest momentum you can have to the college you choose. Faculty, staff and fellow classmates you meet will challenge you and cheer you on to follow the dreams you would never thought to wish for, and you complete those dreams day by day. I made connections, I made friends, and most of all, I learned to be more confident and determined. That’s my story. Take it away, Alex.

– Stacy, you are incredible and we love hearing all about the work you’re doing to highlight your faith and cultural experiences here, for other Benny’s and Johnny’s and the insights you’ll be able to provide now as a peer mentor. Absolutely priceless. Thank you for all that you do. Great job.

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