Getting Involved at Mizzou

Segment #5 from University of Missouri


Let’s meet Aidan, a senior majoring in business marketing. He’s also an involvement ambassador, committed to helping students get the most of their time at Mizzou. With more than 500 student clubs and organizations, there are endless ways to get involved on campus. Aidan, take it away, my man.

Got it, Alex, thanks. My college search process was not that hard. I knew from the moment that I stepped on Mizzou’s campus that this was going to be my new home, and home is a place where you’re comfortable to be yourself. My time at Mizzou has given me the confidence to speak my mind, the opportunity to share ideas, and the experience of being able to make a difference for others. I’ve also gotten to be a leader in my fraternity. I coordinated activities to engage students in fraternity and sorority life. On top of that, I’m an involvement ambassador, which has given me a unique opportunity to help guide others through their campus journeys. Involvement ambassadors are a group of passionate students who are here to help people develop connections at Mizzou. We offer one-on-one meetings with students to learn about their interests and goals, and then we help them connect with opportunities in Mizzou’s 500 plus student organizations. Not only do we help students get involved on campus, we work with them on how to develop interpersonal skills to grow into the best version of themselves personally and professionally. It doesn’t matter if you are a freshman or a grad student, Mizzou will help you find your place here. Campus has an amazing sense of community with hundreds of big and small events throughout the year. To me, it’s things like movie and game nights that make Mizzou feel a little bit more like home. When I sat in my first class freshman year, I couldn’t have predicted where I would be now. I’ve met some incredible people who have helped me throughout my college journey. I am proud to leave my mark and be able to make a difference here at Mizzou. Back to you, Alex.

Aidan, tremendous job, my friend. It’s great to hear how Tigers like you are helping others to find their way, from eSports to student government, to fraternity and sorority life, whatever your interest, Mizzou will help you find the group or activity that’s right for you. Cheers, my friend. 

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