Going Global

Segment #1 from Semester at Sea


Okay, let’s head over to Talon, a creative advertising and computer science double major and postgraduate. As he’s finishing up his college journey, Talon knew he had to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to set sail and learn more about global opportunities before settling down and beginning his career. Talon, tell us more.

Thanks for the intro, Alex. What’s up, world? Welcome to the amazing World Odyssey. This ship is what we on “Semester at Sea” call college and home. I’m a postgraduate student here, which means I just earned my degree at the University of Miami and I’m adding on a semester of learning and traveling before I start my career on a global stage. Most students who study abroad usually do a short summer trip with a group from their college or spend one semester as a student in a new country. I wanted to see as much of the world as possible and learn as much as I could. There’s only one way to see 11 countries on three different continents in only four months, “Semester at Sea.” Every day, on and off the ship, is an eye-opening experience. Classes on board teach us about the places we’ll go, the people we’ll meet, and help us think about the world as a whole, something you won’t really find anywhere else. On the ship, there are people from many walks of life. Together, we form a melting pot of on-ship life. I’m learning about new cultures and experiences just eating in the dining hall or talking with my friends by the pool. In every country, I’m meeting people at the cafe, at the skate park, or even on the beaches. Meeting them, along with everything else, has really opened up the world for me. After this voyage, I’m taking my first step and moving to Australia to start my career. I now recognize the opportunity that I have to help the world and better understand what global issues I can help solve. After this experience, I feel ready to do just that. Back to you, Alex.

Talon, as a world traveler myself, it brings me great joy to watch you take full advantage of the experiences and education you’re receiving here. From classes both on and off board to genuine connections with those you meet in each country, there’s no better way to learn about your global opportunities. Keep it up and one day soon, I’ll see you in Australia. 


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