Graduate School with Sree

Segment #9 from The University of Memphis


Let’s hear from Sree, an international graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Information Systems. Sree has utilized the university’s expansive list of student support services and organizations to make the most of her time at the U of M. These experiences help create the next generation of leaders within the U of M’S graduate school. Sree, please take it away.

– Thanks, Alex. From rural India to the heart of Memphis, I’m grateful to be on a path where my dreams have no boundaries. The tremendous support from my family has allowed me to study abroad at the University of Memphis and become first person in my family to attend school overseas, where I’m earning a Master’s in Information Systems. My time at the U of M has been like a vibrant canvas filled with opportunities to learn, embrace diverse cultures, and fully experience all that Memphis has to offer. The University Support Services made my transition smooth, which allowed me to not only absorb a wealth of knowledge, but also to contribute to the vibrant tapestry of its community. From serving as President of Association for Management Information Systems to working as a teaching assistant gaining real world experience in the university’s Procurement Office, I have enjoyed participating in academic and extracurricular activities all while collaborating on various projects with faculty mentors. These experiences have been pivotal in my journey, unlocking doors to the most exciting opportunities, U of M has been more than just a place of learning for me, it’s been a platform for personal evolution. Opportunities here aren’t just lessons. They are transformative experiences. I even discovered an opportunity through a university career fair and started working as a Data Analyst for City of Memphis. The U of M has been fertile ground where my brains took growth and blossomed. This holistic experience combined leadership, commitment, and innovation. Now I’m eager to step into the corporate IT world, prepared from these amazing learnings. Thank you to my family for being my greatest strength and the University of Memphis for making everything possible. This is my story forever and always. Go Tigers. Back to you, Alex. ♪ I feel so close to you ♪ ♪ Close to you ♪

– Thank you Sree for sharing your impressive journey as a graduate student at the University of Memphis. Coming from rural India to Memphis, your determination to get involved and make the most of your opportunities at the U of M are a perfect example of what makes this campus so special. Great story, thanks again for sharing.

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