Hispanic-Serving Research University

Segment #7 from University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Now we’re gonna hear from Citlally, a biology major from Las Vegas. She’s gonna tell us about UNLV’s commitment to helping students of all backgrounds access a college education, particularly those who may not have dreamed it was possible to pursue a college degree. Citlally, please share your experience as a Latina participating in undergraduate research at UNLV.

Thanks for the introduction, Alex. Hello, everyone. As a first generation college student, it was really hard to know where to begin. Luckily, the UNLV outreach program for prospective students really cemented the fact that UNLV was the best choice for me. The diversity and resources at UNLV makes students from different cultures feel welcome. As a Latina, it makes me feel right at home. Diversity is vital for cultivating creativity since individuals from different backgrounds bring new ideas and experiences to the campus, and thanks to all the resources and services that UNLV offers to students like me, it has been designated as a Hispanic serving institution or HSI. An HSI designation ensures that individuals from underserved backgrounds are able to be fully immersed in the college experience. Whether through programs that seek to unify different cultural communities or programs that promote undergraduate research, UNLV ensures all students have the same life-changing opportunities. UNLV is also one of the founding members of the Alliance of Hispanic Serving Research Universities, also known as HSRU. HSRU aims to increase the opportunities available to individuals who are historically underrepresented in higher education. My mentor, Dr. Kang, actually reached out to me with a Pfizer Diversity Fellowship opportunity that was shared with schools with initiatives like UNLV. Through this academic industrial relations diversity fellowship, I was able to receive a $20,000 grant that funded my research in organic chemistry. I even presented my findings to Pfizer scientists. UNLV and its community has given me the support needed to be where I am now. I have met so many different people and obtained opportunities I once thought were impossible. UNLV has given me the tools necessary to succeed in whatever career I choose and it prides me to be known as a Rebel. That’s all from me. Back to you, Alex.

Thanks for sharing, Citlally. How exciting to win a research grant as an undergraduate student. UNLV’s commitment to historically underserved students gives them access to higher education, which can lead to opportunities for higher paying jobs and brighter futures. That same commitment can also advance research that benefits everyone’s future. That was awesome.

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