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Segment #1 from Xavier University of Louisiana


Let’s hear from Kirsten, a second year doctor of pharmacy candidate and a former Miss Xavier. She’s here to tell us about the history and legacy of Xavier University of Louisiana and why being America’s only historically black and Catholic University is just the first of the distinctions that have set them apart for more than eight decades. Take it away, Kirsten.

Thanks for that intro, Desi. I always knew that I wanted to be a doctor. In addition to Xavier being number one in producing black physicians, we’re also number three in producing black pharmacists in the country. I remember thinking to myself, wow, what if I went here? Being a Xavierite, has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding roles I have ever had. I learned very quickly that there was an expectation that we do not only do well but that we soared. Excellence is non-negotiable. At Xavier, we have a saying, Deo Adjuvenate Non Timendum. It means, with God there’s nothing we should fear and Xavierites live by the saying. We’re the only Catholic HBCU in the country so we understand wholeheartedly that we are walking in ordered steps and that everything we accomplish is to help bring us closer to the people that God needs us to be. My first step towards fulfilling the gold standard was ensuring that I had an internship. I am proud to say that I have had an internship every year since the summer of 2019. Xavier has resources that can help catapult anyone’s career and your career begins the first day you step on campus. The Office of Career Services played an instrumental role in my confidence and ability to truly go after what I want. Xavier University of Louisiana will forever hold a place in my heart. When people choose to come to Xavier, they’re doing much more than just going to college. You are joining a village that will uplift, nurture and truly care for you, and when you leave here you’re prepared to contribute to the promotion of a more just and humane society. I hope I was able to give you all a little bit more information about my beloved HBCU. That’s all for me. Back to you, Desi.

Thanks. Kirsten. Did you know that Xavier is a nationally recognized leader in the STEM and health sciences fields, producing more African American students who graduate from medical school each year than any other university in the United States? Kirsten, you are going to make a great doctor someday. 

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